Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I Think I Need A New Fhe Group

Monday nights of my Freshman year were the BEST nights. I worked until 7:30, true, but then I would go to Fhe which my Fhe family would push back so that I could attend. And I loved Fhe.

Then sophomore year came. And Fhe started. For two weeks. And then the parents got lazy and we didn't have it anymore. But I wasn't angry. I understood. I mean, they had classes, they had school. Far more important. (I was a little sad). (I'm not THAT emotionless).

Last semester was a similar story, but this semester, we had our first Fhe! With a family of people I already knew about half of. Walked into the apartment. Smelt the brownies. And, somehow, I knew this was going to be perfect.

And I was completely wrong.

Opening song. Opening prayer. Silly name game. Then the lesson. A lesson in truth.

Irony, because the concept of "truth" is the biggest argument made against the church. You know. The church says that they are truth and truth is eternal. Divine even. Yet there are some, shall we say, inconsistencies.

Anyways, I would have been OK with the subject if it hadn't gotten ridiculous and offensive. We talked about how the church is absolute truth. We talked about truth being divine. And how God never changes the truth.

But wait! They bring up polygamy! The truth can change?

And the answer to that was the truth is different for every era, every people. The truth can change depending on circumstance.

Which directly contradicts the church being absolute truth. For, the truth can change. Depending. (On what? you may ask. Well, that is why we have apostles and prophets and current revelations.) (This is also why we don't teach what Brigham Young once taught, why Mcconkie had to publicly refute much of what he said.)

Anyways, I don't want to go into problems with the church. Or this silly argument they were making. Instead, I want to go into what my Fhe Dad said that almost made walk out. And I would have except I had one female fight against what he said. She spared me that awkward moment of walking out.

My Fhe dad (Jesse, we shall call him), said that people outside of the church believe in evil things such as adultery and gay marriage. I tried to correct him. I mean, he couldn't have meant adultery, instead meaning fornication outside of marriage. Pretty sure that THAT is a standard no-no for most people. But no. He insisted that cheating on one's spouse is what people believe in and then went on to group these two things (gay marriage and adultery) were the two most evil things outside of murder.

And, that, my dear friends, is why gay people end up hating the church.

Again, I would have walked out, right then, if one girl hadn't stepped up and said that he was being ridiculous. (Probably referring to his obvious mistake about cheating on your spouse being commonly accepted, but still something.) He tried to get defensive, but people didn't want an argument and shut both down.

So, I've decided that, despite positive experiences with Fhe, I will not be going back. To this one. Instead, I think it is high time I joined fabulous home evening. Where people don't believe in hour long lessons. Or that adultery is common outside of the church. Or that gay marriage (or being gay in general) is evil.


  1. The entire post I was thinking FabHE, FabHE. COME TO FABHE! Seriously. And I think you should come. We are crazy and weird but loving and open... And without me unfortunately. I work till nine on Mondays... but you should still go! :)

    1. Planning on it. And guess who got a new job!!!! I don't work late nights anymore!

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    3. I'm the FabHE dad and I endorse what Dupree said, and if you want more info on activities...e-mail me at

  2. Fabulous home evening sounds like it might make Provo a little less soul crushing!