Friday, January 11, 2013


I remember the adventures of Rellesnevel and Eerpud.
I remember you comforting me by going to rub your shoulder but actually rubbing mine; your sneaky ways to show that you were there.
I remember every word to Hot N Cold and It’s Not Over and Love Remains The Same.
I remember watching Twilight and being the “Cold Ones” because I didn’t know how to make a fire.
I remember being complete dorks but loving it.
I remember meeting you and instantly removing everything else in my life to make room for you.
I remember crying the whole way home when you had to leave for school.
I remember the Rummie Notebook.
I remember the Lake Swings.
I remember when you thought the ice would hold you and when it didn’t I caught you.
I remember how the bumps on the road felt going to your house.
I remember noodles and one glass of milk.
I remember planning my future around you.
I remember my hair not being on fire.
I remember you playing better when you were pissed at me.
I remember waking up to you smiling at me.
I remember you telling me to dance in the rain and me asking you to be my partner.
I remember falling in love with you.
But I also remember when you left me after my grandmother got sick.
I remember you being pissed because I was sad.
I remember you being relieved when you found out that I just fucked some kid that I had no emotional attachment to because you thought I was going to tell you I liked girls.
I remember you yelling that I tricked you after I came out to you.
I remember you pretending to be okay with my sexuality even after I profusely offered to move out.
I remember you calling me Satan.
I remember you leaving.

Do you even remember me?