Sunday, April 29, 2012

Danger: Fast Food Kills

Hey all.
I've been a bit absent for a while now. Sorry for being so so unleRyable.

Here's the thing: I quit my job.

The shitty one at that damn fast blocked arteries and cancer chain also known as Arby's.
While working on the front register (because that snotty little sixteen year old didn't come in to work) someone asked what healthy options we had.
I told the woman we had no healthy options here.
She asked about the salads.
I gave her a run down on how the ingredients for our salads were likely shipped from another country where the foods were grown by using ridiculous amounts of pesticides and were genetically modified to look fresh and colorful while retaining no flavor nor nutrients. Of course the leafy greens and veggies (if you can still call them that) are then topped with some kind of animal products (which parts I couldn't say).
I informed her of a place called Omar's Rawtopia--perhaps the best place to get a healthy meal in Salt Lake City if that's what you're looking for. All the food is raw and organic. Oh, and my favorite: it's all "made with lots of love."
Of course she stood there staring at me, wondering who in the hell I was to tell her about healthy food.
I do, of course, work at a fast food dump hole. What would I know?

I couldn't do it anymore.
The grease.
The stench.
The fat. FAT. people coming in day after day.
My soul was dying in that grease pit.

Nobody who came in and asked for "healthy" options really wanted to know where to get something that would be good for their bodies. No one wanted to hear about how our meat industries produce SO MUCH FUCKING POLLUTION.

I couldn't contradict my beliefs anymore.
I couldn't keep playing the fat, American, white man's game anymore.

So, I quit.
I afford internet anymore.
And I had to find another job.

Still haven't. But, I decided I better stop letting this fall behind.
Here I am.
Typing away as I use my friend's computer and internet.
Without a job.
Putting more stress on Addie--I hate this part the most.
And completely and utterly LOST.

RyBread Wisdom: Even if you have a cool name that you can shift words around and use to be clever, it will not help you find a job. Also, sometimes (although I can't see the silver lining yet) you have to take a leap before you get anywhere--you have to quit your job before you find a new one, for example. Eating fast food isn't the only thing that kills you. Working fast food does it too.


  1. Ry,I wish I had your courage but I can't quit even though my soul is dying every day. Good luck in your search and I hope something comes up quickly.

  2. That's called metathasis, by the way, when you reorder chunks of a word like that. It's pretty cool.

  3. Ry, good for you. That is so brave, and not having your soul die is good. But good luck in the meanwhile! I sure hope you find something fast. I'll pray for you and a new job, because I can't think of any other way to help.

  4. Oh, and I just saw an Arby's commercial on TV! Something about eating fresh, haha. I loved your analysis of the "healthy" options at Arby's, by the way. So classic.

  5. Thanks everyone, I hope I find something soon too. But, really it's been worth it. Bailey, that is excellent to know. I will make a mental note of it.