Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Matchbox Twenty says: I wanna take you for granted

I wear glasses. That’s how you can tell I’m smart by the way, by the fact that I wear glasses. If you haven’t met me in person then you probably aren’t aware of how smart I am, not having had the change to see me in all my glasses-induced brilliance.

I wear glasses because my eyesight’s not all that good (and also so I will look smart). There were some years, though, after my eyes got bad but before I got glasses to make up for it, and I didn’t even know what I was missing. Then, glasses, and holy crap those trees’ve got leaves in detail and crud, are those individual fibers on that carpet down there? All of a sudden I could go walk around and see people with actual faces and eyes that weren’t just vague dark smudges (or buttons, but that doesn’t come up that often either way). Now I wear my glasses, and things are so much more crisp and defined, and it’s amazing what I can make out. At this point, you might think I’m marching toward a lesson on perspective or understanding or something. If that is the case, then clearly you missed the title of this post, which plainly states what my actual intention is. So I’ll just direct you to draw some lines and read between them.

Anyway, I take my glasses off, and these are still my same old eyes that blur shapes and fuzz (yep, I just verbed that noun) lines. So I never forget what it used to be like and how much better my glasses let me see. Bottom line, I don’t take my vision for granted, although I have no doubt I would without a second thought if it were up to snuff all on its own; it’s only because it falls short that I can really appreciate it as much as I should. Does that make sense?

I like that I need glasses, because this way I have a constant reminder of how amazing it is to be able to see.

So that’s my long drawn-out metaphor, which probably hasn’t turned out quite as clear as I wanted it to be. Or maybe the problem is just that you need glasses. Anyway, I’ma try and apply it now.

Something you take for granted: A body that fits with your mind.

Something I don’t have: A body that fits with my mind (but shh, don’t tell anyone; it’s a secret).

Hence: That is not something I take for granted. But it’s okay; I’m just me.

I think that’s going to be all for now, folks. My thoughts are getting tangled trying to beat each other out of my head, so I fear my point is somewhat muddled, but I’m not sure how to expound in such a way as to clarify. So we’ll just pretend that you’re supposed to take some personal application out of this and leave it at that.


  1. That's such an interesting concept, Bailey. I don't wear glasses and don't know what it's like to have less than 20/20 vision. However, I can somewhat identify with the body/mind incongruancies... Although, probably not quite in the same way you do. I think I've come to understand myself and have found that my mind and body DO match even though I didn't think so simply because of social expectations for what my mind, heart, and body should all add up to.

    I love your descriptions, and particularly your verbing of the nouns ;)

  2. I am legally blind and could not function without glasses or contacts so I understand the metaphor at least. As for the underlying theme, which I think (and hope) I understand, I can relate too. At least a little bit. In religious culture we are given regimented ideas and expectations that are given to us and we literally can't meet those expectations there is a distinct disconnect. Thank you for being you and sharing your perspective with us!

    1. Thanks MJ. I'm glad you got something out of it, and no matter how that relates to what I was thinking as I was writing, that's the goal. So that's one more mission off my list I guess.

  3. Well now that I have Push stuck in my head. Love that song. I also love the way you write. And while I too have perfect vision (just kidding I need reading glasses) I can apply your metaphor to other aspects of my life (which is kind of the point of a metaphor) so mission accomplished :)

    1. Perfect. I will check that mission off my list of missions to accomplish. And then I will add "infiltrate Dupree's mind in the form of song" to my list so I can check that off as well.

  4. So what you guys are saying with the identifying/relating/applying is that even when we think we're so different and distant really people have a lot in common... profound.

    And oh, I will definitely be continuing with the wording. Me and Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare.

  5. Amazing post, Bailey! And I thought the analogy was brilliant. I used to wear glasses. I couldn't see even a foot away without them. I never took my vision for granted.

    Now, just over two years after LASIK, I only remember that I had glasses at times like this. So much for not taking my vision for granted. I actually kinda miss it... Especially that first week after LASIK when I'd habitually touch my face to fix the glasses that weren't there or to take them off at night, only to remember just how lucky I was! And sometimes I even miss the artsy world of blurred colors and lines that I saw without my glasses. Still, LASIK was so nice.

    Keep up these amazing posts! I wanna wish you luck with coming to terms with your body and your feelings, but now I'm thinking twice. Here's to not taking life for granted though. :-)