Thursday, April 19, 2012

Love Changes Things

I want to make a difference.
I want to stand for something;
to change the world.
I want to put an end to hatred
and replace it with love,
for love can bridge the deepest of chasms,
can stop wars,
end violence and suffering.
We look at things differently when we love them.
The earth.
Our communities.
Each other.
Love is a unifier.
It brings out our similarities
and celebrates our differences.
It makes the distance between you and me
Not so very far
after all.

Sometimes I get frustrated
Feeling like I'll never have anything of value to offer this world.
I'll never have a voice loud enough for anyone to hear.
Multinational corporations suck the life out of our economies and cultures.
Businesses and "doctors" feed us lies about our very basics needs
and what is "good" and "bad" and "necessary"
just for a little cash in their pockets.
People all around are abused and neglected and treated wrongly.
And what can I do?
I am just one.
Just me.
But I silently make a stand
by not shopping at certain places
by supporting local vendors
by buying organic
by using renewal energy and shopping at thrift stores.
I try to put an end to hatred
by spreading love
by talking to strangers
by getting to know people
by listening to their stories.
Everyone has a story worth listening to.

But does it even make a difference??
Maybe not.
I'm just one voice.

But I am a voice.
I am passionate
and loving
and crazy enough to believe
that I make a difference
just by being me.
Just by doing the things I do
And loving like I love.
Even if my words never get farther than this page
I have already made a difference
simply by putting a little bit more love out into the world.

Love changes things
And I've got an awful lot to give.
Better watch out.


  1. I'm watching and I love it! So much love to give, eh? Wouldn't it be wonderful if we all just gave a little bit more? If our individual efforts were collectively combined, we would make an enormous impact for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing. Makes me think of the "starfish story." Remember it?

    A young man (or woman) walks along a beach littered with tens of thousands of starfish. As the young man is walking down the beach he begins to carefully toss the exposed star fish back out into the ocean.

    Eventually an old man comes up to him and says, "What are you doing? You can't possibly make a difference to all of theses fish."

    The young man looked at the gentleman and said, "Yeah, but I'm making a difference to each fish I save."

    You are the wonderful person walking on the beach and I am one of the fish you have saved. Thanks for making a difference and sharing your love with me.

  2. It has to make a difference. If not, what is the point of this strange life? All of you have made a difference in my life - in the way I see the world and have helped expand my ability to love. You being alive, relating to others...that is enough.

  3. Beautiful post, Jo. I believe in your ability to make a difference. Thanks for all you do!

  4. Jo, you're really something. I mean, your words are just amazing.
    Just your simple words in each of your posts makes a huge difference in my life.
    You know how things work--that it's all about love--and it's always so rad to see just how much you have to give people even through your writing.