Monday, February 6, 2012

Dreaming For More

I love watching movies and television shows. All of them. Okay, maybe not all of them. I hate scary movies (a la The Exorcism of Emily Rose, Devil Inside, etc.) and some “B” films can get pretty ugly, too. But, as a general rule, I love watching almost anything; they let me escape from the monotony that can overtake my day-to-day life and give me an opportunity to live vicariously through the characters on screen. I mean, come on, who doesn’t want to be Eric on True Blood, Lip on Shameless, or Scrooge McDuck (there’s a theme here – gorgeous, brilliant, and incredibly wealthy…)?

Anyway, I’ve watched two films recently with character dialogue that really resonated with me. In the sci-fi thriller Inception, Eames, played by Tom Hardy (another favorite of mine), tells Joseph Gordon Leavitt’s character, Arthur, “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

Similarly, in the drama “The Kids are Alright,” Julianne Moore’s character, Jules, announces to her new client, “I am of the belief that more is more.”

Incredible, right? I thought so too.

As children we are admonished to reach for the stars. We are encouraged to be anything we want to be, that the sky is truly the limit. Then, somehow, we “grow up.” Reality sets in and we are given adult expectations and we forget how to dream. We are convinced we must settle for what we have and not strive for what we want. It’s sad, really.

So, blog buddies, I am recommitting and I am putting you under oath (and covenant) to throw off the shackles of adulthood and DREAM BIG! More IS more, my friends. Don’t lose your vision of who you want to be and what you want out of this life. I seem to forget on a daily basis but I am going to do better. I hope you do too.

What are some of your “big dreams?” If you tell me yours, I’ll tell you mine…

Happy Monday!

All my love,



  1. Nice post, MJ. And welcome! I'm excited to read your posts and to hear your story.

    As far as dreams, I think my biggest dream at this point is to live authentically, whatever that means at the moment. I have found that that is where my happiness lies. It would also be really cool to open a little cafe someday. And to own a Westy.

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome, Jo.

      I have many dreams but I'll share just a few for now.

      I hope, like you, to live authentically in EVERY aspect of my life. I want to be able to get to the point I can be honest with myself and everyone around me. I want to find personal happiness and peace and and love for self and others.

      I want to be a business owner but not afraid or ashamed because my businesses aren't considered stereotypically masculine.

      I also want to finish my master's degree and find a job that I love and that pays me enough to support myself.

      That's a good start for now, any other takers?

      Thanks Jo!

    2. Another lovely post, MJ. :D

      Please add to the culinary world, it's such a magical place. Sorcerers of the sauce-pan, mages of the mandolines, and wizards of the whisk, we need them all to make the meals of the world amazing.

      I've been slowly working on a plan to start a catering business that focuses on Indian food.

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  3. Nice to meet you, MJ! I'm excited to get to know you too! And this was a great post. :-) You're completely right about movies, by the way, and it was so great to have this chance to talk about dreams. Good luck with yours! Those of us who read the blog or contribute will all support you from our end.

    Here are some of my dreams (I have a lot...): I'm going into medicine and want to travel the world! I want to speak as many languages as I can fit into my brain / mouth, and I always want to be the sort of person who helps out. I'm excited to give to my church over the years. I dream of having a family and beautiful home someday: a group and place where everybody can feel welcome regardless of their religion, ethnicity, orientation, etc. And I want to enjoy the simple pleasures in life, especially friends, animals, and nature.

    1. L. Fauset, nice to meet you too! Thank you for the generous welcome and the offered support. I hope you know the feelings are mutual!

      I dream of having many of the things you mentioned, too. A family, a home, an English Mastiff - you know, the usual. I also want to be a lighthouse and a safe haven for all who meet me, too. Some day I hope to become independently wealthy so I can retire and become a school teacher (elementary or biology or music).

  4. I want to move to Italy. I'll get a small cottage on the beach down south. I'll work at a family restaurant and learn how to cook amazing Italian food. I'll paint, visit the beach everyday, and maybe have a dog... or a gold fish. :) And welcome to the blog

    1. Dupree, thank you for the welcome!

      I love, Love, LOVE Italy and I wish you the best in achieving this dream! My time in Italy is a fond memory I will NOT soon forget. The food, the culture, and the natural beauty are all astounding.

      I dream of moving back to Europe and exploring more of my heritage. I want to perfect my French (again) and exponentially increase my collections of European goods. I want to ski the Alps, drive the Autoban, and pick tulips in Holland. My heart is in Europe and I dream that I will find it again and hopefully have someone to share it with, too.

  5. welcome welcome welcome. MJ, it's so great to have you here!

    My dream is to get my book published. I'm so close to done right now and I've got two really good agents in mind who I already have connections i'm crossing my fingers wishwishwishing it happens someday...perhaps even over and over again :)

    Another dream of mine is to own a mustang. This might seem silly to some people who know me because I already own a mustang. But I want a real mustang. I want a 1966 with pony interior.

    My biggest dream though is to find and keep someone who plays like I do, who loves the mountains, and loves to travel. Someone I can share my fears with and laugh my tears with.

    I'd say, for the most part, I'm living my dreams.