Friday, February 17, 2012

Testing Testing Can You Hear Me?

Because it was Valentine’s Day this week I want to talk about a friend love and a beginning infatuation. As for the friend love. I was madly in love with this kid during high school… and after. But then one night he came to Utah. I was shuttling him to and from the airport and I had to wait a while for him to be on his date with a friend of mine. I figured it would suck, that I would spend the entire time pining over him. But turns out I didn’t. I did homework and when my thoughts would wander they would find themselves on this boy I was crushing on.

So fast forward a little bit and I’m having a discussion with the friend love kid and he asks me about said crush and I totally gush over him. So he’s like why don’t you ask him out. Now I have countless reasons for not asking him out. One, if he said no it would be awkward because we work together. But what if he didn’t say no? That’s always the question. And I hate that question. I’m the type of person who rushes through a test just so I can get the answer. So… Here’s the testing and me shamelessly using the blog.

Can you hear me? You like my posts every week but do you actually read them? If you don’t know who you are, here’s a hint: I can’t glare at you or stand within a foot of you without wanting to kiss you which is why you always get pushed away.

If you can hear me and want to give it (me) a chance comment yes where I post this on FB.

If you can hear me and don’t… comment no.

If you can’t hear me… well then none of this matter :P

One And Only- Adele


  1. So, did you get an answer!?!

  2. I just wanna say this is cute and incredibly brave. You go girl. :-)

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  4. It didn't really work out. But it's okay