Saturday, February 25, 2012

Who Wants A T-Shirt??

So, I have like a million (yes, that's a slight exaggeration) of these really cool t-shirts. Our aim with the shirts is just to promote love and acceptance.



Cost: $10

How to get one:
1. option provo--I will be in Provo on March 22nd and will attend the USGA meetings (assuming those still exist and happen on Thursday evenings, otherwise I'll just be somewhere in Provo and will tell you where later). cash please.
2. option mail--contact me via email ( and give me your order. We can set up some kind of payment option--probably PayPal--and for a few extra dollars I will mail the t-shirt right to you!
3. option meet me in a dark alley--contact me via email ( and if you happen to be in Salt Lake area during the work-week we can arrange a time to meet somewheres and exchange merchandise for monies. cash please.

1 comment:

  1. Dude, sign me up. I'll meet you in a dark alley.