Tuesday, February 21, 2012

In The Name of The Dragon

Rand Al'Thor keeps showing up in my dreams, probably because I'm working on a first read-through of the Wheel of Time series.

This is my current book list:
1. The Shadow Rising (+10 More Freaking Books!)
2. The Lost Gate
3. Time's Eye
4. Book of Mammon
5. The Mists of Avalon
6. Other Peoples' Worlds (re-read)
7. The Magus
8. Understanding Our Minds (been reading this one off and on since November of 2009, it's a small book but a thick read)
9. 5 People You Meet in Heaven
10. Characters and Emotions (a book on creative writing. While I'm pretty sure I've got character and emotion down, I wanted a second opinion on the topic.)
11. Bishop's Heir
12. Nerilka's Story

While it would regularly take me a month to read those books, (I once won a reading contest by reading 36 books in a month by reading from a pre-approved list) I'm also taking until March 31st to write this book:

Faith, by Kay Mildenhall (my pen name.)  

Books are awesome, and other worlds are awesome. They're great to escape into when all else seems to fade into muted apathy.



  1. I love reading and I have been doing more than my fare share the last two weeks. I've finished six books over the last week and I'm in the middle of my seventh:

    "Michael Vey"

    "Of Witches and Warlocks" - five books in the series (because yes, I am a teenage girl at heart)

    and I'm currently reading "Heaven is for Real"

    Reading give's me an escape and, if you count how much reading I've done on this blog to catch up with my fellow contributors as well as some of the bloggers that follow us, I'm amazed that I am able to get my work and homework done! (Okay, let's be honest, my homework hasn't been getting done... Woops!)

    1. Also, I'd LOVE to read your manuscript and discuss any other writing ventures you may have.

  2. Awesome, and good luck! I love fantasy and have a made-up world too, so I appreciate the reading list. I love to get new ideas. Wow, though. You'll read all of this and then write a book by March 31st? You must be fast!

  3. I read about half of the Wheel of Time series... No small feat. Good luck to you.

    Book of Mammon is great!

  4. My mom loves the Wheel of Time series. I, personally have a hard time with a series that goes beyond 2 (which is pretty much anything that goes beyond 1 because everything must either be stand alone or at least a trilogy, which I don't get...)

    You're making me want to go read some more books. see ya.