Tuesday, February 14, 2012

We Interrupt Your Regular Scheduled Programming to Flood Your Residence With Remnants of a Roman Fertility Festival. (Was this title long enough?)

I just got back from a fun night with my boyfriend. For Valentine's Day, I made him awesome food since I can't afford more than that, currently. He gave me a book on Old English culture and literature. Obviously he knows me too well, he must die...no. He gives great massages and is one of the silliest people I've ever met. He lives. Forever, forever with me. Yes, that sounds good.

It's coincidence that V-day would fall on my shoulders because I've never been that big a fan of it. I always feel like there's some huge expectations made by the other party (if you're in a relationship) and if you're not in one, you feel like the entire world is shouting into your ear as you were sleeping that morning, "HEY HEY HEY LONELY GUY, LIKE BEING LONELY? YEAH I LOVE DOING EVERYTHING I WANT WITH MY TRIBE OF SWINGERS AND THEN I CAN GO HOME TO MY HUSBAND AND MY WIFE WHO WILL GIVE ME ALL OF THE INTIMACY I WANT. HOPE THAT LONELINESS GOES WELL FOR YOU!"

The entire world reminds you that it's having an orgy of hand-holding, cuddling, hugging, sweet nothings and (potentially including but not limited to) orgies. Even the water you drink as you crawl out of bed has been through fish sex at some point, you hatefully mutter. School, work, church, you're blasted with tales of love and greetings of "Happy Valentine's Day!" By the time it's all over, you've cried at least once and all of those chocolates have entered the vast wormhole that is your mouth and stomach. (True story.)

I'm going to sum up all of my thoughts of this holiday in this picture.


And if you feel lonely, don't be afraid to talk--just to reach out for an ear. I'm pretty sure that this holiday is not to celebrate the relationships that are, but also the ones to come.
I'll listen to the sound of your loneliness even if it feels like no one else will (not to say the other bloggers won't. I've been through a lot of V-days (vagina days?) and mundane days where getting someone to listen to me was like screaming at a stone wall and expecting an answer.)

Happy day of past, present, and future love,


  1. I can't stop looking at my water bottle this morning... I don't know that I will be able to look at or drink water EVER AGAIN without thinking about fish sex. That was the point of this blog post, right?

    But really, great thoughts and glad you had a good vagina day (wow, I'm on one this morning). While I am PAINFULLY aware of my single celibacy, I did get my taxes done, cooked myself a nice dinner, and cleaned the whole house. If I can't participate in the veritable orgy of affection, I may as well have been productive, right?

    He sounds like a keeper, too, BTW. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Fish sex... I love animals and even volunteer at an aquarium but fish are still a bit nasty to me. Ah well, that was AWESOME.

    I'm posting late, but Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! And best of luck to those who are single. I am too--always have been--and it helps me to approach this day of the year as a celebration of love in general, rather than just romantic love. So can I say that I LOVE my family and my friends?!? Really, it's sad to me that some kinds of love seem to fly under the radar a lot... I've "fallen in love" myself so I know just how overpowering and amazing that can feel at certain moments, but isn't all love powerful? And shouldn't we appreciate all forms of love?

    I dunno, I guess this is a personal pet peeve, but what bugs me about Valentine's is the underlying idea that only those with a romance in their lives can be truly happy or something. Everyone else is just incomplete. And maybe we are, but that seems like a pretty bleak picture and maybe a biased one. Does that idea bother anyone else? Obviously friendship and romance are different since romance is a deeper friendship with added benefits, yet as a chronically single person friendships and family are what have made my life amazing and meaningful. Also having a good relationship with myself. As Oscar Wilder once wrote, "To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance." For me, romance with another has yet to bring that consistent and steady support, that source of laughter, that sense of worth. But here's to celebrating romance as well and any future romances for those of us who don't have it now. It is great; I guess I'm just saying that it's not the only great thing, the only kind of love worth celebrating...

    Totally with MJ and Amber though on painfully wishing for cuddling and such on this day... Friendship can't extend to certain kinds of intimacy, so that's definitely a ton of points in favor of romance. *sigh*

    MJ, way to be productive! I think that's a fabulous approach.

    1. I'm with Oscar. Love yourself and you've got the best romance there is. certainly that's something to celebrate on valentines :)

  3. hahaha. fish sex. vagina day. hahahaha. :)

  4. Yesterday me and my roommate celebrated Tuesday. It was awesome. And yes I am now staring at my water bottle just wondering... but. point. I really like your picture that you chose. Being part of the Church and going to BYU I keep hearing that marriage is between a man and woman but I heard this quote "marriage is between love and love." I guess I've just always believed you can't control who you fall in love with so why try so hard to stop it or make sure it's with the appropriate sex? Anyway... so I love this pic.

  5. I'm with Jen and Tiffany (and Ocsar). A few years back I made Valentine's Day a celebration of love. Just love, in all its forms. You don't have to be in a "relationship" to celebrate love. We ALL have love worth celebrating, whether it's a beautiful friendship, a mother, a brother, a community, a neighbor, a pet, a grandmother, a house plant.... But most especially SELF love. That's the best one.