Friday, February 10, 2012

The Four Suites of Dupree

Clubs- I love going to clubs. Just dancing period! I went to a dance on the floor of the Marriott center last night… SO AWESOME! I hadn’t been going out much this semester and it was so nice to just free myself for an hour. I love dancing and I LOVE CLUBS! My club side is my fun-loving crazy side.

Spades- I get depressed. I’m in a really messed up place in my life right now. But I’m getting better. I can see my depressed/suicidal thoughts and look at them through a different perspective. Just this week I was so frustrated with the testing center I thought “I could just KILL myself right now I’m so angry… But I should probably take this test first.” I thought about that for a second and then started giggling. It’s SO SILLY! What’s a test when thinking about taking my life? I was able to step back, laugh, and finish my test and have an okay day. My spade side of my life is the one I’m just starting to accept. I can have bad thoughts… as long as I realize what they are and let them go instead of piling them up and obsessing over them.

Diamonds- I think of perfection when I think of diamonds. Perfection is something you hear a lot about in the Church. I’ll be talking to my mother and she’ll hear that a person in the Church made a mistake and she’ll be like “well that’s hypocritical”. I don’t get it? I’m not perfect… Does that make me a hypocrite? I think we are should be striving for perfection but I know there is no way I am going to get there. Especially not by myself. My diamond side is my LDS side.

Hearts- Hearts=love! Love just reminds me of my work. I LOVE MY JOB! And as embarrassing as it may be, it’s the only place I feel really loved. My bosses appreciate me and my co-workers seem to genuinely like me. While living with a roommate who used to be my best friend (we’re trying to patch things but it’s just awkward sometimes) and not talking to anyone in class and not having a lot of friends I hang with, it can get pretty lonely. But when I work I feel like I’m part of a team, a family. My heart side is my loving and being loved side.

Hear Me- Imagine Dragons

I LOVE THEM... now. I'm kind of a music slut. But I got my tickets for their concert in March so that's a lil commitment right?


  1. I totally understand the whole work relationship thing. I'm closer to my work "mom" than I am to my actual mother. I feel more at ease and I'm more myself when I'm with my work associates than any other place. Anyway, I loved your post and I am already trying to figure out my own suits...

  2. My musical tastes jump all over the place. I don't have a "favorite" band. I just like what i like when I like it.