Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And I’ve Never Kissed a Chipmunk

However, I am most excellent at Ping Pong. And by “most excellent” I mean I can hold my own. If my opponent is blindfolded and using their non-dominant hand. But that’s beside the point; what I’m getting at here is that Veggie Tales is a pretty legit program. Ask anyone.

This past week I did not go on any exciting adventures to see cool natural phenomena. Nor did I get any fancy tattoos to remind me of loved ones or to illustrate important thoughts to keep in mind. I’m not ready to break any major news to my folks just yet, either.

I’m still here though, a fact that I’m starting to be more okay with. And I’m still just me; another fact that I’m starting to be more okay with. If there was a pill would you take it? I’ve been thinking about that, and I don’t think I could, much as it would make a whole lot of things a whole lot easier. But I don’t know, I figure I am who I am because of all the things I’ve thought and seen and experienced, and if those things are hard so be it, watch me get something out of them just to spite the cosmos for throwing them at me. Ha! Take that, cosmos.

Plus I just kind of like being the freak-weird kid; I just tell myself that I’m special and everyone else should be jealous of how extremely cool I am.

But seriously, the way I see it, I’ve got some perspectives that I wouldn’t have if I were just a regular kid (boy or girl; now there’s an odd thought). And I cannot trade that away for cushiness, and if I’m not on this end of things, where does that put me? The side that can’t see past labels and categories and just doesn’t understand? I would rather understand. And I feel like that understanding kind of spreads to other areas, making me less quick to slap judgments on people based on lack of knowledge or whatever.

I remember always being fascinated by the Holocaust ever since we first started learning about it in school. In a wow-that-is-freaking-horrendous kind of way, but still. One thing I’ve thought a lot about, in that area, is that, given the choice, I would choose to be one of the ones banished to a concentration camp and worked and starved and brutally mistreated and all that over one of the ones doing any of that stuff to other human beings. In a second.


  1. You seem pretty cool to me. Thanks for your posts here. I am enjoying getting to know you.

  2. Hey my tattoos weren't that fancy. Of course this one is healing very nicely but it's kind of gooey when I get out of the shower. It's really quite interesting.
    But rambling...
    I'm sure everyone is extremely jealous of how cool you are. I think it's great that you are starting to come to terms with who you are. It's hard and emotional, but I kind of feel like it's the top of the mountain and everything else is down hill. I mean telling your friends and family is hard but it's better to know yourself, you know?

    1. Gooey. That's the objective, right? In getting a tattoo?

    2. I think the end result is to have something permanently attached to your body. Gooey is just the means to an end. :P but now it's all scabbed up. Looks like someone stuck tar on my leg in the shape of a bird...

  3. I've asked myself the "pill" question many times too. I think there was a time when I would have, no questions asked, but now, I wonder why I need to change who I am. I'm me. That should be enough. If it's not, I don't know what to do but that is everyone else's problem, not mine.

    Glad to have you hear.

  4. Sure wish I knew how to spell the appropriate "here."

  5. I love Veggie Tales...for the record.