Thursday, May 17, 2012

I Believe In Magic

I don't really think much about marriage equality.  Probably because I don't care for marriage.  I don't need the label of "marriage" to show my love or level of commitment.  Maybe, after almost tying the knot myself, it's that I've realized marriage doesn't equal love.  Maybe, after watching my parent's nasty divorce, none of it seems worth anything.  Granted, it's not legal for me in most places anyway, so whatever.

I do think a lot about equality though.  It's something I have had on my mind quite a bit this week.  The primary emotion I feel while thinking about equality is sadness.  (And frustration.  With perhaps a little bit of anger.  But mostly sadness.)

I'm sad that it's even an issue.
I'm sad that I live in a world where people can't just love each other for who they are.
I'm sad that politics have gotten their way into everything, including my love life.
I'm sad that "god" is used as a weapon and that such horrendous mistreatment is done in his name.
I'm sad that I am considered flawed, evil, mentally imbalanced, imperfect, diseased, rebellious (....) simply for loving the way that feels natural; that feels right.
I'm sad that it's a "fight" for my rights, for basic, HUMAN rights.

I get really excited for the day when I won't have to worry about being sneered and hollered at by passersby when I am simply holding my lovergirl's hand in public (and yes, this happened a few weeks ago.)  I hate that when I think about places I want to live, my mind jumps to the topic of whether or not I will be safe there as a gay person (North Dakota is out.)  I can't wait for the time when kids don't have to be afraid to come out to their families, when there won't be so many gay suicides, when love will be love will be love.

I believe in miracles.  And I believe that someday none of this will be an issue.



  1. I agree whole-heartedly. I hate feeling afraid.

  2. You're great, Jo. I love that you have all the right words to say the things that I don't know how to express half so well, and that you've got so much hope for when things will be better. I can't wait for that day either.

  3. I hate how bitter this subject makes me. Thanks for saying all of this with such profound kindness and compassion. You are much better than I.

  4. Beautiful post, Jo. Do you mind if I share this on facebook?

    1. Of course not. Share away! (and thanks for reading.) :)