Sunday, May 20, 2012

Filling in


Remember me?

It's been a while. A long while.
Most beautiful soul <3
So, here's the story:
Almost a year ago (in a couple months) I met the most beautiful soul.
I fell in love.
We hung out a little.
Turns out she kinda fell in love back...
We hung out more.
We went on an amazing trip.
We held hands.
We cried.
We kissed.
We laughed and played and liked each other at the same time.
I had a crappy roommate who liked to "spoon" with her boyfriend on our couch  at 4 am.
I approached said roommate and her crappy boyfriend.
Then I got a number of calls from my bishop.
At first he was like: hey come in for tithing settlement.
He left messages.
Sent  me texts.
Had his little minions call me.
Then out of nowhere he says, if you don't contact me back then I'm taking your endorsement away.
I call him.
He says some people said shit about me.
I said, I don't know what your'e talking about. Nobody knows shit about me.
I didn't finish my classes that I was supposed to finish.
I told the bishop I would not meet with him to work things out.
My dad died.
I applied to a couple other colleges in case BYU decided to kick me out over the shit someone made up.
Got accepted to a couple colleges.
Enrolled in another college.
Went to class at another college for a day.
Dropped all my classes.
Went back to the bishop.
Met with the DEAN OF STUDENTS!
And jumped through some hoops and finally finished my classes!! at byu.
Long story short, I graduated from the Lord's University.
Just now.
Like in April.
Except I just got my diploma a couple weeks ago.
It's official.
I put it on the fridge and everything!
So, now I'm back out of the closet.

Or maybe I'm out of the rock crevice?...)

And here to tell you that I'm absolutely in love with Jo.
The most beautiful soul.
My best friend.
My adventure buddy.
My lover girl.

oh yeah and Ry is on hiatus right now. She may or may not be back. I guess we'll have to wait and see. 
I just thought I'd fill in a few of the gaps :)

Aren't we so cute?!

~live your own truth~


  1. Love you guys! So glad it worked out so you got your degree and girl :)

    1. I sure did. :)
      Although, to be completely honest, once I got the girl the degree wasn't important at all (at least not the piece of paper proving I worked my ass of through all the bachelor requirements).

  2. Aw. That's a good story. I love us. :)

  3. I like this! I like it; I like it a lot!

    1. Seriously. I love this story and the way you wrote it and the pictures and basically everything. And the happy ending-that-is-also-a-beginning.

    2. :) thanks, Bailey. And I love how this is a happy beginning too :)

  4. l---------------O----------------l <- I love you guys this much!!!!

    1. Probably more, actually. Many much more.

    2. many much more is now one of my favorite phrases.
      and I love you back many ugh more!

  5. You and Jo are awesome!

    Congrats too, on making it through BYU.

    1. Aw. :) thanks, Lara.
      Hey, and just so you know, you can come visit us in Ogden anytime :)