Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Come Boy, It's Your Birthday

Let's start with easy stuff.

School is difficult. I'm constantly working. And I barely get to see my very cute boyfriend. And it makes me sad. Though the recent cuddling session was nice (stress relieving, even). And knowing that I only get to see him if my homework is done motivates me. But that isn't what I want to talk about.

I want to talk about the forbidden age. The dreaded 20.

17 is awkward. You're not quite an adult, but you want to be. You're not quite graduated high school, but you act like it. Then you turn 18. You're an adult! But, even with college, you are still a youngin' and that ain't gonna be changin'.

But these ages are acceptable. I mean, you're not an RM. So it is okay to be immature. The mission will change that. The one you WILL be going on soon.

But then you turn 19. And everyone is like whoo! 19 and not left. Must have barely made it into the semester and will be leaving soon. Very soon. End of the semester soon.

Typical conversation:
BYU student: When you going on the mission, dawg?
Me: A while
BYU student: Like end of the semester, yo?
Me: No.

AND if someone is really pressing it
BYU student: Then when?
Me: I have a mental disorder that doesn't allow me serve.

And yes, I know. The first thought is service missions (which I didn't know existed until the mental disorder excuse was used). But I've accepted this. People need to fit me in a mold. And the 19 year old male BYU students fall into the mold of "leaving soon."

But I'm turning 20. AKA the age Satan would be if he went to BYU.

I no longer fit in a mold. I'm turning 20. I should be on a mission. So where do I fit now? People were stunned at 19. How is 20 going to be?

As an expert in intolerance (okay, not really), I would like to say this; people will not know what to do with me. So I'll be logged away.

At least woman treat me better (in general). Women just log me into the "undatable" category. Which I'm good with. Post Mission Serving Men though... they log me as automatically beneath them. They served a mission. I won't be. They are better. Simple as that.

Even if all guys don't do that, a lot do.

So... time to turn 20. The youngest writer on this blog will no longer be a teen by the time next week rolls around.


  1. Happy birthday and good luck. Ages are frustrating no matter how old you are. Good luck and keep us posted on this portion of your journey.

  2. i definitely know how you feel. Im here at BYU and i turned 19 last year, and i feel like a mission is all that people talk to me about

  3. Think of E, he does it. Or you could lie about your age. Or just tell people to f off.

    1. yes! tell them to f off :)

      Age is not frustating no matter what...
      23 is the best age--just wait until you're 23.

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  5. Unless you look really young, people will start to assume you're an RM once you're not in freshman courses, and then it won't come up so often. Or that's what happened for me, at least.

    For those awkward times when it does come up, own it! In my experience people are kinder than we give 'em credit for, even at BYU.

    1. Yeah. People generally mistake me to be about 24 or 25. And have for about two years. So I think I'm good in that department. Sometimes, I even wear undershirts when I need just a little more respect that day esp. when I'm going in to talk to a professor.

    2. Undershirts. Good trick. I'm with Matt, though. I think the pressure will wear off the farther you get from 19 (and from being a freshman). And really, this may come as a shock, but there is life outside of BYU. After you graduate it won't matter so much...I hope.