Thursday, September 6, 2012

Four Letter Words


I watched the DNC tonight with democrats at BYU. Never thought I would ever say that. I laughed and almost cried a few times. But mostly I was filled with hope. Hope that the next four years could jump start a future.
Now my mother thinks that the only reason I like Obama is because of his stance on marriage. But I looked deeper than that. And every time I read his stance on something I was filled with hope.
When I read anything from Romney I feel sick to my stomach.
But I'm not here to tell you to vote Obama. I just want you to vote. Get informed about both candidates and make your own decisions. I'm not a political person but I'm excited for my opportunity to either help or hinder the decision of the new president of the United States of America.

Anyways. I thought the DNC was fantastic. These are some videos that I particularly enjoy. There was two more but I can't remember the speaker names or find them on YouTube.

Love you guys.
And welcome to the new people.
Goodbye to old friends.
And Lee and MJ if you leave me too we will have problems :P

Kal Penn's four letter words

Jennifer Granholm was so enthusiastic it was hilarious. The room couldn't stop laughing.

The Dog Does Not Hunt. Thank you Montana

And the man of the hour...


  1. I am gay and mormon, I don't see Romney or Obama as a good candidate to be president. I do feel sick to my stomach with Romney and with Obama, he has brought the economy down so much. I am probably going to write in someone

  2. Politics seem to be infuriating me more and more frequently lately. Now that I live in a "battleground state" I can't turn on the radio or television without hearing a commercial for one candidate or the other. *sigh*

    Well, I think my time on the site is winding down but I'm not gone just yet. Love ya dear!

  3. Oh man, thanks for spelling out my thoughts exactly! When I hear thoughts from the RNC, I feel sad and frightened; what if I need an abortion? I can't get one. What if I want to marry a woman? I can't. But when I hear the DNC, I feel empowered: I can go to college, I can marry whoever I want, I can get an abortion if I need one. I see a lot less fear and a lot more acceptance.

    Obviously both parties have problems, and both are using rhetoric to be manipulative. But I feel, personally, a lot safer when I hear the Dems speak.

    Thanks for sharing this!