Monday, September 3, 2012

Simpler, Happier TImes

Since moving to Cincinnati, I have quadrupled my commute time.  What once took 15 minutes each way, now takes close to an hour and, as a result, I have started listening to National Public Radio (NPR) to pass the time.

Recently the radio station did a phenomenal fluff piece on PBS's efforts to freshen up their image and draw viewers back to their programming.  One of the company's tactics was to remix some of their most recognizable voices/faces into auto-tuned pop songs: Mister Rogers, Julia Child, and Bob Ross.

I love these music videos! The characters showcased by these music videos are so well represented and, on top of it all, the films are fun and well-done tributes to the station and the people themselves. 

They are the perfect throwbacks to the Saturday Morning Warriors who kept me entertained for hours after the cartoons ended. So, today, in the midst of so much hate, and anger, and bitterness, I hope we can follow the call of these wonderful icons!

Starting now, please, let's "grow things in the garden(s) of our mind(s)," "bring on the roasted potatoes," and "remember there are no mistakes, only happy little accidents!"

Take a few minutes to listen to these songs and remember happier, simpler times - all while walking down memory lane.  I promise you'll enjoy it! You may even tear up, I did!

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