Friday, September 28, 2012

Little Things

Well everybody and their mothers know that I’m messed up. Except for my own mother. She lives in her happy denial bubble that I’m just this little ball of sunshine who loves BYU and is so excited to receive an education and isn't actually gay and loves to hear about all my brothers accomplishments 

But mostly everyone gets the jist.
But I like it. Okay maybe I’m not a fan of suicidal ideation and a general apathy for life but the best is the “little things.”

You know how everyone says to pay attention to the little things… well I do that. I love it when all the little things happen and I’m just like wow did you see that. That was a little thing. Damn.

So story of little thing.
I love Imagine Dragons. Another thing that is obvious about me. They just make me happy. And every time I heard them in a random setting I would freak out and be like whose iPod is this or OH MY GOD I.D. is on the Olympics!!! Granted it was only a commercial during the Olympics but still. And then it was the theme song for Perks Of Being A Wallflower trailer [on a side not did you know that that movie isn’t being showed in Utah. WTF? I’m tempted to drive to Colorado just to see it! It looks AMAZING. Plus they got ID to do their music… I mean duh] Anyways I was more excited about that trailer than the movie I actually went and saw [Step Up 4… wasn’t bad but I’m wondering when they’ll run out of choreography]. Point. I love Imagine Dragons.
I love Glee. I know, so stereotypically gay. R was actually in my room the other day and pointed out all the Glee merchandise I had. What… I love it. So I was looking around to see when season four started and to my delight it had aired the night before. INTERNET! I instantly booted my show stealing sight and watched the first show… Guess what happened? Glee did a cover of Imagine Dragons. The courtyard started the cup game which created this beat and before I knew it I was jumping out my chair screaming and then Blaine started singing to Kurt and oh my life. It was fantastic.
I love the little things. Like when your favorite show does a cover of your favorite band.

Or his face

Or these adorable elephants

Or this profound advice

Or PIKACHU! Or the fact that the auto-correct for Pikachu is Spinach! 



  1. Great minds are still thinking alike on this blog! My next post is similar to this and I hope you are as exciting to read yours as I was to read this!

    I loved the pic you shared with us about "shit happens" and I need to remember to quit putting mine in a processor, too.

    Also, I also think you make an amazing Pikachu.

    And, what, What, WHAT!?! Glee started? I cannot believe I have missed it! I will watch tonight.

    1. Glee started!!!!!!!!??????? Where have I been? I MUST get caught up.

  2. Dupree, you are awesome. Those elephants are adorable. Now I want a baby, how do I convince Jo?