Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Okay, so it’s been blogged, tweeted, and facebooked to death.  I understand your immediate, and quite exasperated sigh at reading this title.  Trust me, it is with a very heavy heart that I come to this blog tonight with you all.  I can’t seem to shake the gravity holding me under the waves of constant bantering of opposing forces.

Trust me, I love a good debate.  I love hearing two sides have a go at presenting the facts of their platforms and somehow making me see the world through their eyes.  Lately though it seems the world is a very cloudy place.  Can you see through the fog?  I’m not sure I can. 

I know whom I’m voting for.  I know WHY I’m voting for who I am.  The question is, DO YOU?  I’m truly failing at finding out why, please tell me, who and why.  I need it to be brief.  Just a short little blurp of what makes you passionate about for whom your bell rings.  I don’t want to argue.  I certainly don’t want to color your world with my GREAT BIG PERMANENT MARKER.  I mean my little itty bitty voice. ;)

I spent a long time working in a women’s clinic.  Pass some more judgment, go ahead, I’m up for it.  While working there, counseling women on choices I faced interesting dilemmas presented by each individual I talked with.  The most fascinating thing to me was the judgment those women passed on me. (I know, interesting concept) 

I was pregnant with twins while working there and to be candid women were down right RUDE to me.  I never understood this.  Here I was, okay, so there was a great big huge stomach between us, but I was still there to hold their hand.  I still stood beside them and listened to their choice and was able to see what they wanted.  I did this without judging or condemning them.  I did this because I believed in what I was doing and why I was there. 

I’m telling you this story only to say, even while I make very different life choices, I still see the other side of the story.  This is very IMPORTANT to remember cause this is where the shit gets



I quite simply don’t think I’m going to make it to this election and still have a facebook account.  Either that, or I might no longer have half the friends I had before.  Am I alone?  Does anyone else feel this very real and gut wrenching PAIN??!!!

Did I mention that some weird person out there is stating that a woman’s body secretes something that prevents them from getting pregnant if they are raped?  DID I MENTION THIS??!!!

As a woman I have to say, I have never secreted any special sauce that prevents me from getting pregnant.  In fact, I happen to be VERY fertile, fun little tidbit you were salivating to know.  See, all this talk about secretions and I get sidetracked.  I can think of many secretions, but none of them prevent me from getting pregnant if there is sperm involved. 

My daughters are growing up in this world.  This one, this very one, right now.  They are breathing in this air and seeing and hearing and worse of all, they are absorbing it all in like the little sponges they are.  I think I might be crushed. Somewhere in their life they might be shouted at by someone who will try and convince them of something.  Something that may be very, very, very wrong.

Our children are growing.  It happens at night while they are sleeping.  It happens during they day as they play.  It happens as they hear our conversations, as the news plays, as they read our facebook pages, our tweets, our journals.  Please try to stick with reality.  Please try to be truthful, not truthful according to you, personally.  In return I will try very hard to keep my damn PERMANENT MARKERS off your damn lifescape. 

I’m passing judgment on the other side.  I can’t seem to keep my damn mouth shut through one more conversation.  Please help me see why you feel the way you do.  Please don’t let me be one of those women who passed judgment on me.  I want to be able to hold your hand through your choice, even if I have a great big different opinion.  


  1. I'm voting for Obama. Because I like his ideas on marriage, equality, fairness, education, women's rights, and health care in general.
    I like Obama. He gives me hope. I've spent a lot of time researching him and campaigning for him because I believe that he will continue to do a fantastic job as our President.
    Plus the idea of Romney in office scares the shit out of me.
    But that is simply my opinion. And I'm lucky that I live in such a country that my opinion is actually valid and I can take that opinion and try to change things. But I know better than to take my opinion and try to change others opinions.

    1. Thank you Dupree. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me how you feel. I am just plain scared. I'm scared for my children and for our country.

  2. I feel both candidates have pros and cons. I hate politics and I worked in them. I made the mistake of making a political comment on my FB page yesterday and the responses have been infuriating me for close to 30 hours! Other than that, my choice is a secret. You'll have to keep guessing.

  3. Lol thanks for the mystery MJ. Facebook has had me infuriated for weeks now. Thank god for Tiff, she's a calm cool head for me to rant to. She just sits and listens to me, then I feel better and life goes on. Funny how that happens. ;)