Thursday, September 13, 2012

Hello MTV, and welcome to my crib

I love my room. I'm the type of person who will settle into a new place by decorating the crap out of their room. I decorated my room before I bought groceries for my new apartment. And I kind of love it. Plus I remember eons ago someone asking to see my art. Well this is most of it :)

I see this as I'm getting dressed in the morning. It's pasted to my closet door.

These are various doodles that I have received over the years. Notice all of them call me Sarah so they are very old.

These hang on my closet door. They are the more recent doodles. The black thing in the middle I painted. The two quote pages underneath I made. The thing on top that says "Like A boss" is an award I got this summer for apparently being awesome. The thing on the side is a note an old roommate wrote about me being a good example. I wonder if she even knew me :P and the hands at the bottom is prison art that my grandpa sent me. He had some guy draw it for him. Says "God Bless".

Self explanatory. Just some of my favorite movies.

Combine the corner and two walls put together. I have my Obama posters. The splatter paint is a random art project. And another art project from high school is the silhouette water color landscape. And in the top right corner you will find my glow-in-the-dark stars because apparently I'm an eight year old girl. 

Up close to the bookcase you will find various pieces of memorabilia. A note my mother wrote me when I was a child, the hat my grandmother used to wear, various photographs, and books. Also you will find Taylor Lautner sulking in corner.  

Books Books and more Books. Also my high school letter (yea I got one) and my scrap books. And pillows that I constantly kick off my bed. 

Up top is a GD art project. It's a distorted photo of a friend from home. Then we have the beautiful Santana, and then Voodoo donuts box that I cut up. If you ever go to Portland or Eugene grab some. So worth it :)

Up close and personal to my calendar collage. Yea we got three name tags, various markers, two concerts that I didn't actually go to, many Glee references, one pair of converse, two quotes, and one creepy as flip clown. 

So here is where the main art comes out. The one up top is my favorite painting I've done. I'm really into finger-two-minute-abstracts. Basically me throwing paint on a canvas till I like it. The blue one was also fun. Just a gradient of finger swirls. The cherries were interesting because they are made out of colored paper. The piano was a pen line drawing. The original piano was a miniature music box that my grandmother loved and below that in pink is her name that went through the temple. Also we have peeks of Kurt's and Santana's heads. :)

Such a fashionable human being. 

This is an up close of the picture before. In white is myself, in black are two of my old best friends (not pictured C or T) and in the purple was the first girl crush I had. Actually she really wasn't the first, it was just the first time I thought that maybe a girl that I liked might actually also be into girls. And the green are my favorite shoes. By the time I graduated high school they were worn to bits but I insisted on wearing them through the ceremony. 

My amazing desk. I would like to highlight the piggy bank, wineglass of pencils, crayon-melt-art in the background and the stickers on my laptop. Imagine Dragons, HumorU, CrankItUp music, and LGBT for Obama :)

And last but not least, my schedule for graduation. R asked me why I stay here and I pointed to that. Because I'm almost done. I can't give up now. I keep that there to remind me that I'm over half way done. 

Well that's me in  my tiny little nut shell of a room. But it's my room. All mine. To myself. So I love it dearly. 



  1. Dupree! This is super, well, cute! Sometimes, I close my eyes and pretend I'm as creative as you. xD

  2. I loved it too. I love your creativity, your strength and your resolve. You go gurrrl. Love ya!

  3. I love that you create your own happy place. Those are important. Especially in college where there are so many people and so many deadlines and so many expectations. I think you're pretty great.