Thursday, July 26, 2012

Emotional Health Day

Yes, that's really me.

Today I am giving myself an emotional health day.


For a couple of reasons.  One, because work is driving me crazy lately.  Every time I am there I feel the life getting sucked out of me.

But the biggest reason is because I matter.
I matter to me.

The fact that I'm going crazy at work probably has less to do with the fact that my job sucks and more to do with the fact that I haven't been giving myself what I need lately.  I need some me time.  I need to feed my soul and refresh my spirit.

So I am going to the mountains.
That, for me, is more healing than anything else I've yet discovered.
The mountain air.
The trees.
The rocks.
The stillness.
Yes.  That is what I need.

And then perhaps some time with a book, and some snuggling with my love.

What is it that feeds your soul?


  1. Mental health days are the best kind of sick days.

    I also love to escape to mother earth. She can heal my broken heart faster than anything else. I also like to take myself to lunch and a movie. Being alone use to terrify me but now I relish it. Hmmm, what else. Shoes. Yes, buying shoes always helps. And chocolate. When I still had my scooter, I would drive my scooter for hours at a time. Up the canyon, to the lake, through rolling hills. I don't have a point to this response, it's just some of the things I love for my me-time.

    1. Sure wish I could edit my responses...

    2. I love all of those things, though I don't think buying shoes has the same effect on me as it does on you...unless those shoes are new chacos, perhaps. :)