Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Tarot Cards Of Life

I once went to a party. Not just any party. It was a summer solstice party. Now you’re probably wondering who goes to summer solstice parties? The answer: Wiccans! I went to a party with some of best friends who just so happened to follow Wicca! Due to the unordinary nature of the religion, unordinary activities were going on at this party. Sure, we played normal games like battle twister (which, by the way, if anyone out there wants to play, hit me up! I love battle twister) but we also had our Tarot cards read, which is what introduced me to tarot cards.

Now, as an empirical scientist, I don’t really believe in tarot card readings. That doesn’t mean they don’t make me think about my life (forgive the double negative). They make me think about my life whether the cards are accurate or not. Possibly more so when they are inaccurate. Regardless, what I want to talk about is a tarot card reading done a month ago. Let’s start with the basics. (Realize this. I don’t know what all the cards mean, so this is completely accurate.)

First, I drew the dreamer. Apparently, I think on a higher level

Next, I was told I just got over something terrible and it all came out positive. (A guess on what this could be would be my relationship with Brian).

Now for the tricky stuff. The next important slot was my unseen influences on people. I drew the “star” card. This means that I have extremely positive influences on others that people (including myself) do not see. My instant thought (and possibly continuing thought) was “No way. Someone like me could not be giving POSITIVE influences.” Ironically, this is the part Dupree thought was most accurate….

Next was my environment. It was the INVERTED Ace of Pentacles. So, I have a terrible environment. Which I now KNOW is the most inaccurate card drawn. Yes I work with perfect Mormons. Yes, there is tons of gossip. But look closely at the little things. I get away with nicknaming someone Evil Kim (I even call her that around my six year olds). I have friends who know about me and support me. Even the camp douche who hates gay people is well disliked by all but his girlfriend (and, just saying, she is probably making BANK. Though I don’t know if being with him is worth the money).

Even better, where else in the world can you see someone crying, go up to them, sit next to them and have them listen to everything you say for the next twenty minutes while they cry into your shoulder? Yeah, I am LOVED!

The last important thing in the tarot cards was how my life would end up. I drew the ten of cups (aka the card that indicates family). Which wouldn’t be bad except it was inverted. Thus, I will have no family. What’s funny is that I think I would be completely okay with that.


  1. Growing up, my neighbors had solstice parties - they were a lot of fun, there was always a potluck dinner and a folk-singing circle that went into the wee hours of the morning. Good memories!

  2. I've never been to a solstice party, but I have had my cards read. It was interesting, for sure. And the cards were pretty. :)