Monday, July 30, 2012

MJ's Gay Agenda for 2012

I'm currently on vacation with my family in San Francisco (ironic, I know) so my access to a computer is limited to just my phone.

So, to be true to my commitment to post every Monday, I am going to just write a list of things to accomplish by year's end (written in no particular order). This is, in short order, my Gay Agenda through the end of the year.

- Finish my master's coursework and do all preliminary prep work for my thesis

- Finish the first draft of my book

- Read at least one classic French novel

- Lose an additional 25 lbs

- See the Book of Mormon Musical in Chicago

- Travel to Boston

- Visit King's Island

- Tour Indianapolis

- Explore Kentucky

- Shoot a digital photo book of my new home city (Cincinnati)

- Save money every month

- Find ways to cut back and simplify my life (and document my journey)

- Learn three classical piano pieces

- Learn basic guitar strums and chords

- Rediscover my artistic talents (drawing, sketching, pastels, charcoal, etc.)

- Create a rainbow afghan out of my missionary ties

- Complete my training and start volunteering for the Trevor Project

- Get tested for all STDs

- Find ways to love myself and search to find my center and true self


  1. I adore this list. ESPECIALLY the mission tie afghan. Make sure to post a pic when you are done. And I'm so sad that the party didn't work out. I guess you are going then? What happened to the boy?

  2. I am pretty fond of my list, too!

    The boy and I are going strong and it looks like a long-distance thing is going to be happening... At least for now.

    Also, pictures of rainbow afghan will definitely happen.

  3. A missionary rainbow afghan? I love it! This is a lovely list, and a very artistic one at that.