Thursday, July 19, 2012

Look for Love

"We don't see things they way they are, we see things the way we are."

I was reminded this week that I can expect great things from life.
I can expect love.
I can expect support.
I can expect respect.

When I first wrote my blog post last week about my ring exchange with Tiffany I didn't post it on my facebook page for a few reasons:

  1. I like to try and maintain some semblance of privacy in my personal life.
  2. I wasn't sure it would be accepted well.  I post a lot of gay related stuff, my blog posts included, and rarely get interaction from anyone I am friends with.  This ring exchange is something I am excited about and I didn't want to "cast my pearls before swine."  It has felt like a lot of my friends choose to ignore the fact that I'm gay and therefore don't comment or acknowledge it at all.
  3. I was lazy.
However, after Tif posted her side of the story, I got a few requests for my side, so I posted the link, not really expecting much of a response from anyone.  But I was happily surprised.  As of this morning I have had 19 "likes", 13 comments, and 5 private messages (not to mention multiple phone calls), all from people who are so excited for me and want to send their love and congratulations.  I have been overwhelmed with the amount of love that has been sent my way this week.

This was a good lesson for me.  A good reminder that the world is FULL of people who want to love.  There are people everywhere who support me and who want to share in my excitement about life.  

Sometimes I find myself expecting that I'll be met with rejection or disapproval, that the reason people don't comment on my posts is because they don't agree or support what I do.  And maybe that's true in part, but I also believe that you can always find what you are looking for.  If you are looking for proof that people hate gays you can find it.  Easy.  But it is just as easy to find hoards of people who love and support and accept.

You'll find what you're looking for (except maybe your keys).  Our eyes become more opened to whatever it is we have our minds on.  So perhaps if we are a little bit more conscious about our thoughts, we can begin to see more of the happy things in the world.

Look for love.


  1. :) people love you.
    How could they not?

    Just to compare numbers on this one, I got 14 likes, 7 comments (at least 2 of which were my own), 0 private messages, 0 phone calls.

    AND when I went home to see my mom she hugged you first!

    1. I just remembered that I did get a text message... :)

  2. Hey now. This isn't a contest (though I must admit, I was happy to get the first mom hug).

    But you're right. People love me. And you. And US. All the comments on my post were as much for you as they were for me.

  3. And then there were three... Lovely comments on a lovely post about a lovely couple whom I love lovily. Yes. LOVE. I wish I trusted what you are writing here as much as I love it.

    Some day I will, I'm getting there.


    1. oh so much love!!! I love you. lovily.

  4. I loved your story and Tiffany's...and I think you make the most wonderful couple ever. You both are filled with more love than most people combined. I'm so sorry you have met with judgments from anyone. That is just heartbreaking to me. I hope the world is changing, that love is growing and that you will be met with more love and acceptance everyday. You are doing so much to help that happen. I am so glad that your post was well-received. I think both you and Tiffany are absolutely fabulous people! And I am so happy that you both found each other...your love is amazing and beautiful and I hope that someday I can find what you and she have:)