Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Me And My Subconscious

I work with kids. Thus, I put on a bunch of different faces. The first face is me, my normal everyday face. All happy, energetic and smiling so my kids have fun.

Okay, that's a lie. I start out happy. But after six hours with my kids and knowing there is another hour and half, I putter down and die. So, in the matter of day, I easily go from energetic to nostalgic. Not the same person at all.

But that's assuming I'm not tired. If I'm even a tad tired, I can't summon much energy at all. Maybe I should become a caffeine addict...

So, in the course of a day, I'm have two faces. But what about when I dress up for my kids? One day, I dress up as an Indian chief named Chief Blond Eagle. Another day I dress up as a pirate captain so we can go on a treasure hunt. I'm no actor, but even I seem to be a different person to myself when I dress up. I'm more ridiculous. I'm more energetic (as though dressing up gives me a an energy boast). In the end, my regular personality is just gone.

These are just pretend faces though. What about in real life? Around my friends, I'm more sarcastic (borderline jerk). Around my family, I'm full of niceties and the likes. Around my best friends I seem to always have energy no matter the sleep level. I'm always different and it makes me wonder how different people I interact with are...

And not to mention my subconscious. I swear, with some of those dreams my subconscious comes up with, I can't even think for a minute that my subconscious has any hint of my personality.


  1. I like this post. I used to think that I was "fake" or "artificial" because of my different faces. But I think it's more that certain groups of people bring out different parts of us; certain personalities elicit different energies. It doesn't mean we are crazy or have multiple personalities or that we are fake for anyone, it just means that we are complex and beautiful beings who have more than one way of expressing ourselves.

    1. Couldn't have said that better my self. Thank you so much for not only understanding what I was trying to say in this incoherent rambling, but for also broadening my understanding of the topic. :)

  2. Jo I like the way you said that. And for Lee remember that one dream about me and that boy getting married. Yea... your subconscious is messed up.

  3. I feel very similarly to Jo. I am one person but there are many facets to me. I am perhaps one way with one group and a bit different with another but I still try to be my authentic me WHILE I respect those I'm with. Life is a balancing act and, frankly, I think it shows a level of maturity that you can be a pirate with little kids when you need to, and a young adult in other situations too. Life would be boring if we were the same all the time.