Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Blankets And A Big Bed

I got super angry today. By super angry I mean somewhat angry, but, you know, same thing.

Anyways, I went to work as the Indian Chief, went to my tepee and, what do you know??? They took away my log and expected me to sit on the ground with a stupid blanket. For the record, I didn't. I found a new log and sat on it. Stickin' it to the man!

But really, the allure of blankets and big beds (especially big beds) is interesting enough that I want to write about it. I refuse to go the staff television room without my blanket. I refuse to use a blanket without a tiger or polar bear embedded on it (comforters do NOT count). And I refuse to sleep naked without a blanket.

As for big beds, I grew up sleeping in one. It was so nice. But it was a comfort that I had no problem giving up going to college. Now, I wish I didn't have to exchange the brown queen sheets for the dark blue twin sheets. Also, it's weird that my co-worker Parker (pseudonym) shares the same sheets as me. Plus, bigger beds make it easier to cuddle. And I really want to cuddle.

Anyways, just something that I have to look forward to in ten years. When I'm out of college and ready for life.


  1. You and Parker have the same sheets? Awesome!
    And big beds are awesome. I grew up in a double and I loved being able to spread out and roll over to the other side when it got to hot.
    And I love flannel sheets in the winter and cotton in the summer. Oh I miss my childhood....
    Anyways if you want to cuddle so bad don't you have a boy toy down town for that?

  2. Good Hell. How long do you plan on being in college? What are studying to be?

    1. Also, do you really have to wait til you're done with school to sleep in a bed bigger than a twin? I mean, really.