Tuesday, August 14, 2012

In Which I Gain and Lose a Thousand Fortunes

So we’re back in Utah now. And by we I mean I, I being singular and sans company. Stupid work. Anyway, I got back on Wednesday night and within twenty minutes my lovely—and affectionately-termed—fuzzbucket (too much Madagascar, and she won’t let me call her the name I want to yet so it’s her own fault) was with me at my relatives’ house where my mom and I were staying. It was so good to see her. Finally. After that, Friday Saturday Thursday Sunday, we were never more than six feet three inches from each other. Actually I take that back: when we were racing carts in the parking lot of Ikea I was at least seventy-five yards ahead*. But anyway, best four days ever. Except now it’s killing me because we’re in our respective places of residence, ninety minutes apart, so we can go to our respective works. Bottom line: it sucks. I hadn’t seen her for so long, but now that I have and that we’re so close, it sucks worse. It’s about as much fun as being a one-legged rabbit. Or so I assume. I’ve never actually been a three-legged rabbit so I wouldn’t know firsthand. But my best guess is that it’s not very enjoyable.

In other news, I told my mom I’m gay. And by I I mean the aforementioned fuzzbucket. Maybe that’s a copout, but whatever, I’m counting it. We had a whole plan worked out to tell her but then it kind of fell through, not even with style either, which would have been sorely disappointing except that it all worked out anyway. We told her while driving in the car, and the main point was that we were dating, so I approved because it didn’t feel like making anything weird unnecessarily. We didn’t get a chance to talk much, but I feel good about it. That night as my mom said goodbye before leaving us to go back home, she gave my love a hug and reconfirmed her invitation to spend Christmas with my family. I almost wanted to cry, I was so touched. But I leave the crying to other, more capable, individuals.

*She might tell it differently but she’s not here to argue, so my word is as good as gold. Literally.**

**Knowing the rules of the use of literally, I have license to break them. So there. Also, asterisk within an asterisk. Your mind is now blown; you’re welcome.

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  1. I am glad you have found happiness as well as a way to tell your mom. Glad to hear it went better than expected, even if it wasn't exactly how you wanted. Good luck with school this year and I hope you get to spend as much time with your new love as possible! Take care of yourself.