Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Roommate(s)

For those of you who don't know, I'm a bit of a jerk. Not one of those jerks who is also a douche. But one of these nice jerks who realizes and feels legitimately bad when I cross a line. And I never make fun of people's weights. Or bodies. Mostly because I hate when people feel insecure about their bodies. And type of insecurity about any sort of body (skinny, not so skinny, somewhere in between). So, yeah, I'm one of those nice jerks.

So, turns out two of my three roommates (who I have never met in my life) know each other. This can be fine, but when the other two of us have never me in our lives, and neither of us have never met the other two, this could create a problem. The normal type of problems involving exclusion and me NOT being able to be the dominant roommate. So, because these two have an unfair advantage of knowing each other before moving in, I have slowly begun plotting how to pull pranks on these two. And yes, this might be because I'm a bit of a jerk.

First, my hair color will not be completely blond (for those who don't know, I'm blond). It will defiantly have multiple colors in it when they first meet me. (I have a way to dye hair in which it washes instantly out when I so desire). (So, basically, I can dye my hair any color).

For my second prank (which will also happen the first time they meet me) I have a sign that will hang on the door of our apartment saying "clothes optional beyond this point." Unfortunately for them, I won't tell them my level of seriousness...

The rest my pranks may be more fun, but are too elaborate to put here. But trust me, they will be fun and I WILL be the dominant male of the apartment again.

For something a little less frivolous, I wish to talk about my roommate of my original blog post. He's the one who professed how much he doesn't like gay people on my FIRST day meeting him. So I naturally never told him I'm gay. Until last week. I told him impulsively (like I do most things) and he told me he had already guessed it. Like it was no big deal. However, he also did admit if I had told him earlier (like within the first few months of meeting him) he would not have been okay with it. I'm apparently the first gay guy he has ever respected and considered his friend. More importantly, I'm the first gay guy that he has been okay with being gay. I big step for a traditional Utahan.

I would never admit it to him, but him saying this stuff to me not only crushed some of my biggest fears, it gave me hope. I wish everyone out here, everyone who reads this blog, can find someone like my roommate. Someone who can tell you to your face that they hate gay people but, by the time you get around to telling them you're gay six months later, they can have enough respect for you that your sexuality no longer matters. I wish everyone had the chance to break barriers that are formed out of ignorances. I wish the best for everyone and the best includes a world not based on prejudices and ignorance.


  1. Wow, cool experience. Actually, the existence of that particular way to make a difference is a big part of what keeps me from more aggressively going out and dating. I'm afraid of suddenly losing "spiritual credibility" and thus the ability to influence people like that.

    It's frustrating because I have some friends and family like that, and I know they WILL "stick with me" regardless of what choices I make in good conscience, but if I were making different choices before meeting them, I'm not sure I'd get that same chance to influence. It's frustrating to think about people who may not be reachable in the future, but whatever. I guess. Meh.

  2. I think a lot of people think the way they do simply because they have limited experience with something. Maybe you weren't the first gay guy your roommate has interacted with, but you were able to change his perspective simply by being you. That's cool.