Friday, August 10, 2012

How To Be Happy, Dammit!

My favorite lessons and quotes from a cynic’s guide to spiritual happiness.

# 1          Pain exists. Life can hurt. Like a lot.

# 4          You always have a choice of emotional responses to life.

#6          Never go shopping for Kiwis in a shoe store. Some people just don’t have what you need. So why waste time, banging on their doors, ringing their bells, demanding service?

#7          You — and those you’ve befriended/worked with/slept with – each of you – just like plants – comes with your own unique feeding manual.  You each have your own needs and speeds for growth. You must read each person’s instruction manual carefully – then proceed with caution!

“All too often you have to be at the end of your rope to be tempted to move through your fear… And go for the unfamiliar, the unknown, to change.”

# 11        If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, then you’ll keep getting what you’ve always been getting.

#12        In order to see the path to what you want, you must first see clearly what is holding you back.

#17        You must celebrate Non-Judgment Day, then Non-Judgment Year, then Non-Judgment Life.

#18        You must relax and enjoy the ride.

#21        You must remember: You are here now… No, no, NOW… No, now! You are a human being and not a human was or a human will be.

#22        It doesn’t matter how fast you get there, if you’re heading in the wrong direction.

#24        When you become calm and serene on the inside, the world becomes more calm and serene on the outside.

#27        Worries and doubts can actually be prayers and visualizations – and self-fulfilling programming – for things you do not want.

#29        There’s great power in: I Think Therefore I Have.

#31        Your faith determines your destiny. So you must make sure your faith remains stronger than your mood.

#32        “Never compromise your dreams” Bazooka Joe has said.

#41        Prozak Schmozak. Love is the drug. Love is what you’re always looking for in all the things you’re looking for. Even your yearning for sex is really a dyslexic search for love.

#42        Just like there is sexual attraction, there’s love attraction. When you feel the love energy inside you, other people feel it coming off you – and find themselves wildly – and oddly – attracted to you.

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  1. how wonderful. I like those quotes. Particularly that one about how we're human beings not human was or human will be. clever.

    And those last two. About love. Those are the most true things ever. Some people really just are so attractive and it's all about their energy. Their love inside that they let spill out into the spaces around them.

    I might just have to go read that book now. Thanks for adding ANOTHER book to my to read list! Gosh!