Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Summer Haze

Okay. Summer memory time.

Going to the gay pride parade. Went on tv in an interview and literally said "BYU pride parade" while describing the event. I make it to national tv FINALLY and I said something STUPID.

Making a poster that was awesome and is currently hanging in my apartment to remind me of the good times I had this summer.

Nicknaming someone Evil Kim and having about half of the eighty staff members calling her that.

Coming to terms with my mother's silent non-acceptance.

Meeting a great friend, having her ditch me then realizing how much I didn't want that.

Writing for this blog which includes a great community.

Cuddling with a straight guy who is quite cute. :)

Learning to work with kids. Never told my co-worker this, but she taught me so much about patience.

Dying my hair on cleaning days with conditioner and markers.

Telling my homophobic roommate I'm gay. And him being okay.

Reading Bailey's posts and being accordingly inspired.

Crying only twice this summer.

Realizing how much I do miss my freshman roommates.


Petting a snake.

Trying new things.

Being myself.

At least half the camp knew who I was. And that same amount accepted it. I built great friends. I made new discovers. But best of all, I did all my homework on time.

I love everyone that makes my life happy. And next week I will have no lists but this week I had no other way of expressing what I felt this summer. People knew who I was and accepted it. Embraced it. Loved me.

I'm glad I'm comfortable with who I am. Yesterday I told someone I'm gay and she told me she was a lesbian. And she's in the stage in her life that she needs support. And now I can support her. All because this summer made me comfortable with who I am.


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    1. Sure. Take your pick of the petting a snake or cuddling with a cute straight guy. xD