Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dream Life For Sale

So, hopefully Jo doesn't hate me for sharing this before she got a chance to... I couldn't help myself. (she can show you when it's clean or something). 
The other day I decided to do a little search. Every since I met Jo she talked about getting a Westie. Traveling the country. Living a simple life. A Dream Life. 
I was on board the minute I knew what a Westy was. ( yes, I'm oscillating between spellings. I prefer i.e., but I think most people probably use y.) 
When I searched on KSL for Westfalia I found one. This one, in fact. 

It said: Dream Life for Sale.
And guess what, folks, Jo and I bought it!

For those of you who don't know what a Westie is. Well, be amazed. 
Because it looks like a regular old hippie van on the outside. 
But on the inside it's a whole house. 

Welcome to the sitting room.

And the kitchen.

It's a roller coaster with front row seats. 
And also (my favorite part) it's a Hate Free Zone. 

Welcome to our master bedroom.

And check it out. I'm in the attic (also known as the bunk bedroom)

I found this awesome tie in one of the cupboards :)

 I'm so so so very excited to have a westie. To have a westie with Jo. We are now officially Road Trip  buddies. I'm pumped to start a new life. To have a project that will be never-ending as we clean it up, get the engine pristine and turn it into everything we've dreamed about. This Westfalia Transporter is the proof to myself that I will have the life I want. I will be a writer and a traveller. I'll see the world. And I'll learn to live small. "I want only this. I want to live. I want to live a simple life."

The funny thing about starting a new life, moving on to something better, leaping toward your dreams, is that you've got to let go of your old life. You've got to purge. And sometimes you've got to watch one of your good friends drive into someone else's life with her gorgeous triple taillights shining.

It's time to say goodbye.

You were the best car I ever had.
It was great going to San Francisco with you for the first time and climbing those scary hills, but never actually rolling backwards into a trolly.
It's been great driving to work with you every day and listening to audio books and singing over the sound of wind and cars whooshing by.
We've had a great carship and I will always love you.
I wish you the best on your new adventures.

If you're looking for a flashy new sports car with a tight ass and a long nose then give me a ring. I'm asking $2500 or best offer. Tell your friends. She's a great little car.

435-896-3823 Tiffany

~live your own truth~


  1. This is sooo awesome, Buddy! I'll tell people! (Dunno if any of them actually want a car, but that doesn't matter. They're gonna hear about it. :D) Also, I kinda wanna check out that bunk bedroom. So legit.