Sunday, June 17, 2012

23 is the best year

Okay, Jo already told you that she took me out for a fancy dinner at the Melting Pot.
What she didn't tell you is that she worked the day shift so she could spend the evening with me and how she left for work even before I did and how I woke to a birthday present on the kitchen table.
A CD full of love songs complimented by a lovely poem about the 341 days we've been together (as of now it has been 345 days).

She had told me she'd pick me up from work and that I need to wear one of my cute dresses (I have several). So, all day long I had to try to concentrate on my work when all I could think about was Jo coming to pick me up and us going somewhere that warrants for a cute dress.

During a mini staff meeting I mentioned to my team that it was my birthday. One of my co-workers insisted that he treat me to lunch. So, I let him. Upon returning from a delicious, free, birthday calzone another co-worker presented me with an adorable little cupcake--with raspberries!!!!

And a hour or two later I get a call over the speaker phone from the front desk saying: Tiffany Demings please come to the front desk. Tiffany Demings.

Happy Birthday to me! A gorgeous little bouquet of red and yellow roses with some purple flowers I can't name and some green stuff to make it look good. Topped with a card that says: Tiffany Dewings. That's one I've never gotten before. I've had Demmings, or Jennings, or Pennings, or Deming. This one was Dewings. Either way, it was for me! And it was from my favoritest person of all time (hint: she's my lover girl).

Just a little before my shift ended there was a fire call. Instead of changing into my ugly yellow shirt, brown pants, leather boots and hardhat, I changed into a cute dress and watched my co-workers run off to the fire. And a few minutes later my pretty lady picked me up in her fancy car and took me to dinner. You can check out her post about the restaurant. Our server even put a candle on our cheesecake dessert and I got to make a wish.

While we were there she gave me a t-shirt (stay tuned for next week when I reveal what the t-shirt says and why it's important).

We went for a walk/rollercoaster ride in the Peace Gardens and listened to the sounds of an amateur symphonic band with a mexican style.

Then she took me to a hotel where we jumped on the bed, changed into our jammies and I got another present!!

Then we had a bedtime story and a snuggle. 

Basically, this was the BEST birthday I've had. EVER. And I've had 22 before this one. 
I've decided that 23 is the best year.
Maybe it was because it started out with a BANG.
But mostly, I think it's because of this one text that I received in the morning (from my lover girl, of course) that went something like this: Happy Birthday, babe. Today I'm celebrating you. (it was a little more romantic/poetic than that, but I can't remember all of it right now. It was just a reminder that I could celebrate myself. I celebrated me for that entire day. It was fantastic. And I felt good ALL DAY.
Even though it's not my birthday anymore, I'm celebrating me. Because I'm 23 this year.

23 is the best year.

~live your own truth~


  1. This is happy and sweet and awesome. Happy birthday late :)

  2. When do I get to see you again and send you my dearest love and affection? And birthday present (that greatly pales in comparison to all of the above)? Also, I love you and I'm so glad that 23 was such a phenomenal birthday! Here's to many more and even more fantastic ones!

  3. Happy Birthday (late)! I'm very jealous of the Melting Pot dinner. That's my absolute favorite place to eat. I'm happy that you had a wonderful birthday :)

  4. Dewings? Really?? She even had me spell it out for her, and last time I checked "M as in Mary" and "W as in Whiskey" don't sound anything alike.

    I'm glad you had a happy birthday day. And I hope you continue to celebrate you for the rest of the year. I will be. :)

  5. I love you two. That is all... Actually it isn't HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! And thanks for being understanding about the blog! :)