Thursday, June 28, 2012

The McWilley Factor

I have to give a BIG shout out to MJ this week (and no, I'm not just sucking up to you for writing something nice about me on the blog.  I promise.  You already love me, so I don't need to suck up to you). :)

Many of you have probably read MJ's blog posts and know his story.  (Check out his list of posts on the tab with his name at the top of this page if you want to read more).  I have loved watching him discover himself and come to terms with god/family/sexuality/self.  Coming out to his mother wasn't (and still isn't) easy, but he continues to move forward, following his heart.

The reason I want to highlight MJ this week is because he is hosting a brilliant series on relationships of all kinds on his personal blog.   So far this week I have read beautiful stories by people from all sorts of different backgrounds.  A mother defending her gay son's right to love.  A lesbian couple's journey to starting a family.  A gay man's coming to terms with god and self.   You can read those stories here.

MJ continues to impress me.  In the midst of lots of personal turmoil surrounding coming out, he is still a huge force for good, a loud and strong voice of truth, and an advocate of love.  Take some time, read his beautiful blog, and support a great cause.

Thank you, MJ, for being you (the real you), for creating a place where people can share thoughts and opinions, and for allowing us to get glimpses of your amazing soul through the stories you share here.  You are one of the most beautiful people I know.

I love you, MJ!


  1. Generally it's frowned upon to cry at work. Just sayin'... Thank you though, I do love you and I know you love me, too.

    The purpose of my other blog is similar to the mission of this one: to build understanding and love. What makes me so sad is that there can be so much hate and opposition in the midst of so much love.

    Thanks for the shout out and thank you for being you.

  2. I like to believe that there is so much hate as a result of poor education and understanding, because when we really SEE people as people, we can't hate them. By allowing a place to share stories and ideas about controversial topics you are creating a bridge, letting people see over into a side of the world that they have been taught to hate, and opening hearts, one at a time. I can see this happening as I read the comments in response to these stories on your blog and on Facebook. Hate is a sad thing to be sure, but you are opening eyes and hearts, planting ideas and little love seeds all over the place.

    You make me happy! :)

  3. I love you both! You two are an inspiration to me and I'm very grateful for your examples of love and friendship. So Jo, I couldn't agree more! Way to be, MJ!

  4. YAY! I love MJ too! He's probably my favorite gay boy ever. :)

  5. I think both MJ and Jo are awesome! You all are! MJ I'm sad that I barely just met you and now you are leaving. But of course we shall keep in contact if only over blog :(