Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let's Never Call It Honesty Again

So, I have committed the unforgivable sin. And no, using picture of cats on the Internet to enhance my blog posts is not unforgivable. Sex is also not unforgivable. Otherwise, many people would be, well, screwed. However, forgetting to post on the day I am assigned? Yeah, I know, that is unforgivable. So, here I am, begging for forgiveness which I know I probably won’t receive.

Now, this week has been hectic. I would like to call it a sort of tri-fold week where three major(ish) things happened. First, I told you guys that I was going to try to be COMPLETELY honest with my mother. I tried, and the blog post is named after that event. Second, I (impulsively) told one of my brothers that I am gay! Thirdly, I went and got me a boyfriend!

So, I’m going to cover these events in order of importance. So, obviously, the most important is my honesty talk with my mother.

I went into this talk telling myself I will be completely honest. I told my mother as such. We had an hour. First question was “Do you want a sex change?” Okay. Mother. I told you two years ago that I am gay. Not once did I mention a sex change. Not to degrade people who do, but I would have thought it was obvious that that was not for me. Okay. So, I cleared that up. Now, I’m ready for a bishop-like confession ceremony. So, the second question was “Did you sneak out in high school?”

Okay. So, given I was trying to get out of this talk, but I DID let it happen with the expectation that my mother would be accepting. Now, who is avoiding topics?

I answer yes (it’s true) and tell her why (just because it was the cool thing to do) and she proceeds to give me a half-hour long lecture about THAT. I mean, maybe in the grand scheme of things, my being gay doesn’t matter as much as sneaking out, but it was an interesting way for her to avoid the uncomfortable topic. So, Tiff, Jo, you guys are correct (as I was secretly hoping you were) that honesty doesn’t mean completeness, it means letting your mother know about major changes in your life. And letting her know you are the same person she raised you to be.

Now I know my mother avoids the topic of my sexuality just as my father does, just in a slightly less direct manner. So, what do I not an hour later? Follow my mother’s advice to tell my siblings. So I did. And the conversation went a bit like this.

Lee: “I’m gay”

Happily married brother who is ten years older: “You do realize that we’ve known for more than three years, right?”

So, basically, my parents might not be terribly accepting, but my family is! My mother’s honesty session may have failed. But my siblings (at least three of the seven) are completely okay with it!!!

Anyways, last topic to cover. I got a boyfriend. And I like him.

Signing off till next WEDNESDAY (not Thursday like I did this week).


  1. I prefer to look at your so-called egregious sin as a super exciting thing for me! Two blogs from two wonderful people on one day? How great!

    Good for you, bud. I'm happy you're happy and I wish you all the best as you continue to talk to the rest of your siblings and build your new relationship with your boyfriend! Congrats on all these wonderful milestones!

  2. I love how I have to read it on the blog to find out that you are now official -_-. Thanks ABF :P

  3. You have seven siblings?! What are you Mormon or something?

    I hate when people think that transgender and gay are the same thing. I also hate stereotypes that tie into that at all. But so you don't get the wrong impression that I'm a hater: I like ten dollars! So yeah. Cool beans about your family unit.

    1. Yep. Seven siblings and an outed Mormon! :)