Friday, June 15, 2012

Love Was...

Love Was…

The way you smiled when someone was acting like an idiot.
The feel of your sheets.
Your favorite songs on repeat.
Your favorite TV shows becoming my favorite TV shows.
Your laugh.
Waking up to you smiling as you would watch me sleep.
Acting like goons.
Singing our favorite songs at the top of our lungs.
Skipping Sunday School.
A brush of the hand when things got tough.
A lap to rest my head on.

Love was so much more than we ever gave it credit for.  

But maybe we didn’t know what love was because we both ran away from it as fast as we could. 
But maybe that’s what made it actual love.

Love was terrifying. And now it’s gone. 


  1. This is sad. But I love the angel and devil. Also I'm glad this is not a last post.

  2. I am so glad you're still here, too. Love this and you!

  3. Dupree, that was gorgeous, although I feel weird saying that since it's sad. (But it's kinda like the novel that would be in Stranger in Fiction... Beautiful, just not happy.) But, seriously, you are so gifted. And I'm glad that this is not a last post and that I still get to hear your amazing thoughts. Love you!

  4. Thanks guys! I'm glad I'm still here also! I can't believe I quit (but then promptly begged Tiff for my spot back). Love you all :)

    1. What was the quit about? I'm glad you unquit.

    2. I was wanting to kind of shut everyone out. I thought it would make things better. But it won't so I'm back. :)Basically I was just being a whiny butt :P