Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Melting Pot

I really, really like going on dates.  I love taking someone out (or being taken out) and doing something a little different once in a while.  Mostly the dates I go on aren't very extravagant.  Things don't need to be expensive or fancy to be meaningful.  I think there can be a lot of meaning in simplicity.  To me it's thought, not money, that makes a good date.  But sometimes I like to go all out.

Last night was one of those times.

It was Tiffany's Birthday.  The perfect day for a big celebration.  I wanted something awesome.  Something fantastic and romantic and fun and memorable.  I scoured internet review sites trying to find ideas.  I asked friends.  I asked strangers.  I read newspaper columns.

And then I found it...

And it was definitely different.  The Melting Pot was probably, hands down, one of the best overall eating experiences I have ever had.  The atmosphere was cozy, each booth surrounded by slightly higher walls so that we couldn't see the others dining around us.  With a fondue pot in the middle of the table and several dipping options available, even the eating of the food was more intimate.  I loved that each bite had to be skewered, dipped and then eaten, eliminating the hurried gobbling of food that often happens at restaurants.  I didn't feel rushed.  I wasn't overstimulated by TVs or radios blaring.  It was the perfect eating environment.  We talked and ate and laughed as we fished through our fondue pot for a lost ravioli or carrot.  And the food was wonderful.  So many different flavors.  So many different options.  Each bite was a science experiment, combining new items and cook times and dipping sauces to discover an ever-expanding variety of tastes.  To top it all off our waitress was phenomenal. She got a really, really good tip (if you ever go, ask for Jes.  You won't be disappointed).

The Melting Pot is a little more pricey, but if you are looking for something above average for a nice date I'd definitely recommend this one.  

The end.


  1. OH MY GOD!!!!
    This was the best date EVER. Well, okay, maybe there are a couple that can tie it. Any date is amazing when you're there, but I absolutely LOVED everything about this entire day. I definitely felt like a queen--but without all that responsibility stuff that comes with running a country or whatnot.

    I agree 100% that the melting pot is phenomenal. The food was fantastic. The drinks were good. The desert was on fire--literally! It was romantic and cozy and fun.

    Thanks, babe. You're the best. :)

  2. It was fun, wasn't it? Thanks for coming with me. :)

  3. This all sounds lovely. I envy you guys and your beautiful relationship!

  4. Jo, you're a gem. Thanks for treating my buddy right. :-)