Friday, June 22, 2012


Imagine a little beach in Italy. Not a populated one, just a cozy town. There is a little shack on the sand. Tiny and once again cozy. Bright blue walls with orange décor. Big fluffy couches and plenty of blankets to cuddle with. A room strictly devoted to books and art. Lots of windows and natural light. And a fireplace. This will be my home someday.
Imagine a little family restaurant. Where there is cheese in every dish and the wine glasses are deep. Where it’s warm with scents and family love. You see a waitress laughing with the regulars, explaining her favorite dish to a tourist with plenty of hand motions, all while learning the secrets of Italian cuisine from an elderly lady who is in the back making the cheese mixture for lasagna. This will be my job someday.
Imagine us. Lying in a hammock swinging from the ocean breeze. Midnight swims in the ocean. You writing, me painting. Cuddling, movies, walks, cooking. Living simplistically. No drama, no fuss. Just us. Can you imagine it?
Because I do… Because every simple and sweet dream I have is of you.

Oh thoughts…
Next week I’ll get back to actually writing instead of spilling word vomit on you guys.
Here is the song for the week. I’ve been listening on repeat and it just makes me want to fight. Not like beat people up (sure there is always that) but to stand up for what I believe in and just be me. Such a simple thing but oh so complicated. Anyways this is my inspiration for now.

Love you guys!

The Fighter- Gym Class Heroes

“Text book version of the kid going nowhere fast 
And now I'm yelling kiss my ass, 
It's gonna take a couple right hooks a few left jabs 
For you to recognize that you really aint got it bad 

Until the referee rings the bell 
Until both your eyes start to swell 
Until the crowd goes home 
What we gonna do ya'll? 

Give em hell, turn their heads 
Gonna live life til we're dead. 
Give me scars, give me pain 
Then they'll say to me, say to me, say to me 
There goes a fighter, there goes a fighter 
Here comes a fighter 
That's what they'll say to me, say to me 
Say to me, this one's a fighter 

If you fall pick yourself up off the floor (get up) 
And when your bones can't take no more 
Just remember what you're here for 
Cuz I know imma damn sure 
Give em hell,"


  1. I like your word vomit. :) It paints beautiful pictures and expresses a lot of deep emotion. More, perhaps, than you are aware.

    Beautiful post, Dupree!

  2. Thing One: I quite like your word vomit as well and am very much in agreement with what Jo said.
    Thing Two: Blue and orange are pretty awesome, plus they're the only two complimentary colors that are really feasible together. I was once given this really neat CD with orange and blue squiglies on it, and it has some songs you'd probably really like on it.
    Thing Three: This whole cheese-in-every-dish thing sounds kinda sketch to me. But to each their own.
    Thing Four: Do you paint in real life? I know you've got the art thing going on, but painting too? And speaking of which, I don't think I've seen any of your pieces.
    Thing Five: Fight! Do it!
    Thing Six: I like this post. In case you missed that in Thing One.

    1. Thing One: I like the phrase also... obviously.
      Thing Two: I bet the person who gave that to you was pretty awesome. And probably really liked the colors together.
      Thing Three: Vegetables. That is all I have to say.
      Thing Four: Yes I do, I really like to do watercolors. Painting is actually my favorite medium, besides sharpies which I don't really consider a medium but I do love doodling. And if you wish to see the art of Dupree you can just walk over to my apt next year :P
      Thing Five: I plan on it :)
      Thing Six: Thank you. :)

    2. Vegetables > cheese. Always.
      I'm pretty sure Sharpies are a legit medium.

  3. Hate vomit but I love your word vomit. Love this post and I hope to have you serve me at some beautiful inn somewhere in gorgeous Italy (don't worry, I'm an awesome tipper). I cannot waltz over to your apt next year, may I see your art prior to August when I will be moving across the country? Finally, cheese is ALWAYS > vegetables (although I do LOVE veggies, too!).

    1. ...but veggies won't keep you up at night with a stomach ache or make you feel like a bloated greaseball. Just sayin'. (Or maybe that's just what it does to me, though I do love it. We have a love/hate relationship, cheese and I). :)