Tuesday, June 5, 2012

La La La, and Then a List

ATC says: I don’t know what to do […] I don’t know what to say; oh not another word, just “la la la”

Things I should be doing right now that I am not:

1) Answering a very sweet email I received the other day from a friend. I don’t have the right words yet though.

2) Telling my mom that I’m gay (step one in the right direction if nothing else). I had several hours of one-on-one time with her earlier, which I had orchestrated with the intent of talking about it. I was so set on telling her and just having it out of the way and knowing what she thinks. I think if I was waiting for the opportune moment, that was it.

3) Writing a real post for this week. Instead I’m copping out with this stupid list because I’m too lame to actually address any of the important things.


  1. As for the mom story I can relate. My mother was down in Utah and I had plenty of opportunities to come out. But instead I wrote a blog post and told her to read it. What can I say, I'm just better at writing how I feel than actually telling people :P
    And as for the email I'm sure the person can be patient for the right words. :)

  2. As for the list, I think it is lovely. I love lists and I don't think they are cop outs. My last post was a cop out in my opinion but someone messaged me and told me it had a huge impact on them - you never know what impact you can and do have on others.

    Furthermore, what's important is you. You are important. And your lists and your timing and your everything. Your life is YOURS and it is how it is supposed to be and how you live it is on YOUR timetable. Much love to you and good luck with everything!

  3. As long as you post, I'm happy. On my personal blog the other day I wrote: Sometimes life is stressful.
    That was it. One line. Sometimes less is more, you know...

    Good luck with your mom. I got really really lucky on that account. My mom was visiting for a couple days. I wanted to tell her and kept dropping all these hints without trying to and I couldn't figure out how to tell her. One of the nights we went out to dinner and she just asked me right out if I liked this girl and then it just turned into a big conversation about it.

    I think some parents are in the denial phase for a long time though. Some of them might honestly not even know what's going on. Every parent is different. My best wishes of love are coming your way.