Sunday, June 10, 2012

Justin Bieber or Dani Shay?

So, I stumbled across a very talented person on the interwebs today. Unfortunately Justin Bieber seemed to have become famous before she was discovered so everyone thinks she looks like Bieber 
(the boy who looks like a lesbian).

Here's where she was discovered: 

I'm still unsure about her orientation...and really it doesn't matter (although she said some interesting things about identifying with male and female genders--an easy thing for most of us to do these days on so many levels so she's at least an open-minded, cool person). 

I've never been a Bieber fan. But, I'm quickly becoming a Dani Shay fan. And look she's even got a rock star name. Or at least a pop star name. Mostly, I just really like this song: 

I've just got to agree with a fellow YouTuber: If I see Justin Bieber in the street, I'll tell him "Hey you're Dani Shay right?"

Also, I like this vid. I think the sound quality could be better, but um. seriously. she's cool. I like her style.

And she's a much cuter (possible) lesbian than Bieber is anyway.
So, she's like trying out or tried out or something for Glee. I don't know timelines for anything. But I really hope to see her on that show sometime. Because she's like...awesome.

~live your own truth~

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  1. I hadn't heard of Dani before, thanks for sharing her music. I spent the evening listening to her YouTube channel. :)