Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Game #11982

Do you like card games? Do you like to challenge yourself? If so, you should go to your local Microsoft computer and play freecell!!! Fun, relaxing and generally you can figure it out.

The computer has 32000 set games in it. When you start a game, it will tell you the number at the top left hand corner of the screen. So, don't like the game you are on? Click game, new game and type in what number you want!

Try something creative. 12345 is a good place to start, but now try your birthday. 012182 (Brother's birthday). Now try a even numbers! 02468. Prime numbers. 12357. (Yes, I know 1 isn't a prime number, but i felt like putting it.) Your order of favorite numbers. 17439. Or just start at 1. The possibilities are endless.

However, there is a catch. Type in 11982 and try to solve it. It doesn't work. In this entire 32000 games they present, this is the only one that is unsolvable. What a party pooping number.

How do we know this? In 1998, a man decided that he loved freecell. He loved it so much that he wrote a computer program that would solve freecell for him just to prove how much he loved freecell. (Don't think this is too ridiculous. Everyone has something they love in life. Some people its women, some people its men. Others its freecell.)

So why is there one impossible task throughout this entire thing? Because, in life, there are many things you can do. I can articulate myself to someone that I know how ridiculous I am, yet I also know that I've fallen hard for someone. I can objectively say that I've known this person for just less than a month yet I still know that if they stopped seeing me I would be heartbroken. I can tell someone I've never been this attached to someone since Brian, and even that faded away. I can make promises to someone that I would to no one else and follow my promises with ease. I can do a lot of things.

What I can't do is  bring myself to justify these strong emotions. I can objectively talk about them, but I'm ashamed. I'm one of the people I use to look down on. The people who know someone for barely a month and already say that they see themselves with that person for the discernible future. I feel ashamed of this. And, like when my normally obedient dog stole a hamburger off the kitchen table, I can't stand being ashamed.

I want to enjoy this in the here and now. Not strain from social pressures that usually don't affect me.

And that's why game #11982 exists. It's realistic to real life. No matter how much you enjoy something, there is always going to be something that is impossible to do.

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  1. Oh Lee. Your writing is absolutely amazing. I'm ashamed to say I'm shocked but I really really really loved this post.
    And how did you get over Brian? I keep thinking about Satan [post to follow on Friday] and would really love some advice on how to shove her out of my brain. Maybe I'll just have to fall in love. lol.
    Love yas.