Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Which Greek God Are You?

If you had to pick between the twelve Olympians, which would you choose?

I have this complex dichotomy with this question. I mean, there is always the God that commonly represents homosexuality (Apollo). I could choose him. Except... well, his life is full of sadness. He accidentally killed his lover Hyacinthus and so turned him into a lily. He killed Cyparissus, and thus turned him into a cypress. Even with women he had no luck, falling in love with an eternal virgin who could not love, being rejected by not one, or two, but three prophetesses in favors of mortals. Apollo's love life sucks, and I don't want that.

So how about Artemis? She plays with animals all day and has a group of nymphs dedicated to serving her following her everywhere. Yet... she hates being seen naked (being a virgin and all). So, I'll have to pass seeing how I've been to nudist hot springs on several occasions.

Dionysus? I've never had alcohol. Hera? I'm not jealous enough. Posidean? I get sea sick. Zeus? I don't have enough sex. Hermes or Demeter? I'm not boring enough. Hephaestus? I'm not lame enough (forgive me for the pun).

Pretty much leaves me with Ares, Athena or Aphrodite. Ares is all about war, Athena is victory and Aphrodites is love (despite popular belief, aphrodite is the godess of both sensual love and actual love).

So who would I choose? Still can't choose, but these are the three left!

*edit. Think I would go for Aphrodite. She's probably the best looking of the bunch xD

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  1. I took a "which Greek god/dess are you?" and was given Persephone, unwilling queen of the underworld. Themes of rape, depression, and suicide resonated between me and her : ) Thought it was interesting.