Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Quotes From a Friend

"Saw yours from last week. Also commented on it if you didn't see. Just read this week's. I guess I'm confused, love. Lots of things are impossible, including understanding yourself. It can be hard making concrete decisions about why you feel some way, whether that be your sexuality or who you like, ect. Feelings are very complex and can change. It's nice to know why you do/think.feel certain ways, but it can also be completely unnecessary to know those things and  cause frustration. It can be important to know if fireworks are coming from true connection or from lust, ect. before things get super serious, but understanding just why the fireworks are there can depend on bio/chem preferences, state of mind, everything. You understand you have strong emotions. I don't think there's anythinh wrong with that. Sometimes people get lucky and they do find someone who works great with them without much trouble/searching. I remember Ms. G's parents kenw they would marry after 3 days of knowing each other and still are. It happens. You maybe got lucky if anything. :)"

"You don't always have to understand yourself, and you don't always have to like yourself (like if you want to change something, ect.) but it is important that you are allied with yourself and want to help yourself not only be better but enjoy what it is you do deserve to enjoy. You're a good person and deserve to enjoy a lot. I guess "seek understanding and leran wisdom," but also realize there are limitations to understanding which can either be confining and frustrating or wonderfully freeing depending on how you want to look at it."

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