Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Hey you!!!

You over there!!

Ms perfectly composed with the Gucci slip ons and matching purse!!!
(Not judging this look, merely catching 90% of the PTA moms attention)

(Me jumping up and down waving my arms)

It's me!!!! Wait wait!!! Don't pretend you don't know me! Hell, I went to school WITH you. Imagine this, it's like instant replay. This time we are the grown ups though and OUR kids are the kids playing together. Geez, imagine that!! Who knew the world would just spin right round to here.

Well back to the topic: I'm here!! Yup me. To make it EVEN BETTER I have been triplicated!!! Whew. I worked up a sweat with all this excitement. So yeah, it is me, and you. Back here. Again. Guess what? Your kids play with mine in school.

So the PTA wants volunteers.  Crazy silly me volunteered to be a room mom for all three of my daughters.  Unclear as to what that is? Yeah, me too.  Although when I say that to people they call me crazy, so I’m running with it.  I sent out emails to the three classrooms asking for volunteers for art recently.  The response I received was echoing, in the fact that there was dead silence.  (I don’t think they even yet know I’m a flaming LESBO thanks to being new to the school this year).  After 3 emails I felt I have done my duty.  I’m not going to harass these parents.  I consider more than one email about a topic harassment.  Perhaps I’m abnormal?

Day 3 after emails I get an email from PTA mom #1.  She states that she needs to know who my volunteers are ASAP.  I kindly call her back, I had already sent an email letting her know about my CRAZY 3 room expedition and the fact that no one else has signed up yet, for anything.  She states that she would like a copy of the parents in my classrooms because “sometimes when you know someone you can coerce them into things”  She states that’s what the school directory is for, to get phone numbers that match email addresses. WOW!! PTA gone wild around here.  I stated ok, I’d get it to her, and by the way I work full-time and I’m at work now it will be a bit.  

I emailed the lady one woman’s name who said she’d volunteer once or twice but not for the year.  As I was cut and pasting the email list to a separate email to the PTA lady she has already responded to my first email asking where the list of parent’s emails were.  So I kinda lost my temper.  I mean really??!!  

Here’s the email I then sent:

‘I understand we now live in a society where instant gratification is more the norm, but I did say I would get you the list. Perhaps waiting for me to cut and paste it, which took 2 minutes from my first email, would have been beneficial. 

In the future I would appreciate 24 hours before a second email or notification. 


To say the least, I’m not getting a card at Christmas.

I don’t think I’m playing nice with the PTA.  Not sure if it’s me, or them.  I think they forgot, I KNOW them.  I grew up with them.  Well, most of them.  So I won’t be bullied by them.  They can’t make me do things, or guilt me into them, or even coerce me against my will.  

Although, if their kids ever say inappropriate things to mine, or worse yet, bully my children I’ll be there.  Yes, this flaming HOMOSEXUAL mother of three will be there, on their doorstep.  I’ll very politely ask to speak with them about their children’s behavior.  And that, that right there my blog friends, is what a student directory is REALLY for.  It is so the flaming HOMOSEXUAL mothers of the word can keep all the religious right to the right, cause sometimes they wanna take a left. ;)


  1. It all comes down to mutual respect, eh. I feel like you, I give respect to others and I expect the same courtesy. Good for you though, I hope the rest of the school year goes smoothely.

  2. wow. PTA sounds weird. Good luck with all that. I hope good things come out of it. :)